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9 minutes ago, Twix1010 said:

whats the best strategy to win the primary when you start late?


If you're close in the early primary states focus on that If you're significantly behind in those states focus on the delegate rich later states (especially if you're playing as the republicans which use FPP for primaries.)

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2 minutes ago, Twix1010 said:

If i am democrat and behind in the early states shoud i just focus on upgrade campaign and on bigg states that comes later?

say i am 10% behind or 20% behind?

10%behind it depends how close to the primary date you are if you have 2 or more week then you can try for it 20% behind i'd say to focus on later states.

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Just now, Twix1010 said:

Do you only focus on traveling to states and have rally or brainstorm? Or do you use cp to uppgrade to?

Both If you need a quick boost then use CP's to upgrade.

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My preferred strategy is to hang back at first and build up organization and campaign strength in the background, and then aim for a surge in early states two or three weeks before the primary, using built up campaign strength and pre-prepared scandals as well as ads to take the lead quickly. This way you generally avoid being attacked in the beginning (though some idiots just LOVE to attack people polling at 0.2%) and can get funds and other resources you won't need until you leave this "stealth mode".

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