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Very Strange Bug

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I was using the latest preview build, playing the 1924 scenario. It was going fine until randomly I would click on a state and it would say something like ConstituencyForm is already open (I forget the exact wording). I'd get that message with every state I'd click on. Then the tooltips when I hovered over things would stay there forever after I hovered over something. When I clicked on strategy, I was relieved it appeared to be working. I closed it, then when I tried to re-open it I got the same message but it said StrategicForm instead. I decided to end the turn hoping it would clear all the tooltips off the screen. But that was a nightmare itself, boxes I opened never closed and it was almost impossible to tell my surrogates to flip that power-9 scandal around because the tooltips blocked me from clicking on them. When I ended the turn the screen was still complete hell and full of tooltips so I saved the game and quit. When I came back twenty minutes later I get a message saying "Access violation at address 004D7389 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of address 00000008." The savegame has been attached.


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@admin_270 @SirLagsalott

So I get that same error when I'm playing as a candidate without primaries (if I set them as "none" in the primaries and conventions menu, that new feature) and then go into one of the other party's primaries and click on a state or the strategy button, though if I just go back to the general election everything's fine. I also get that "Access violation" error when I try to complete a turn when I'm viewing another party's primaries (pretty sure that's only when I'm playing as a candidate from a party that doesn't have primaries). That error seems to happen fairly frequently for no immediately obvious reason; the only thing I've noticed is that it tends to happen when I've just gotten a ton of endorsements all at once, though that could be a coincidence.

Also I get that same error every time I try to open my autosave file, which is annoying.

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3 minutes ago, admin_270 said:


Are you saying the 'form is already open' message is recreated when you load the save game?

No, I was unable to load the saved game at all because of "Access violation at address 004D7389 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of address 00000008."

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