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Bill Pullman?

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In 1996, when Mr. Pullman was hosting SNL, the opening sketch was a Presidential debate between Pullman's character from Independence Day and Sen. Bob Dole. Sadly, the SNL transcript site doesn't have the sketch transcribed, but I do remember that during the sketch Sen. Dole frequently referred to the millions of Americans that were killed by "space monsters" under President Whitmore's administration.

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He'd win easy reelection after defeating the alien hordes...it's the aftermath that'll be interesting. It almost seems like it could turn into a World Scenario.......same divisions as Modern world, add in Alien Sympathizers :P

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Yes you could have like Pullman as w/e party he represented *since he was debating Bob Dole & SNL had a much better Clinton impersonator i'm gonna assume he's a Dem* and then a Republican with a totally opposite plan for the future of the world as the opposition. Then as 3rd parties make the president of some huge Star Trek fan club the Alien Sympathizers party candidate.

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Or, perhaps make up some new Party names...here's my idea:

The United Party - Party formed by President Whitmore after the chaos that followed. Calling on all Americans to unite to rebuild their country and to help in the rebuilding of the world, the United Party has the following planks:

Income tax only for wealthiest 10%

Mandate limit to State's ability to increase sales taxes

Revamp of Social Security - Reinstitute it exactly as FDR did

Other New Deal style policies

Open use of alien technology for scientific research

Offer mass monetary assitance to international community


Pres - President Thomas J. Whitmore

VP - Gen. William M. Grey


David Levinson

Constance Spano

Gen. Steven Hiller

Patricia Whitmore

Miguel Casse

The American Party - Party formed by former Secretary of State Albert Nimziki after his removal from office by President Whitmore - calls on Americans to unite as one people to rebuild their country internally, focusing inward before beginning to aid in the international community's attempt to rebuild.

No restriction on State's right to command sales tax

Isolationist - focus inward to rebuild first before going outward

Tax breaks for entrepreneurs

Revamp Social Security - completely privitized

Flat income tax across board

Increase military presence internationally in case of alien attacks

Restrict scientific research of alien technology to Government officials


Pres - Fmr. Secretary of State Albert Nimziki

VP - Captain Jimmy Wilder


Alicia Nimziki

Major Mitchell

Dr. Frank Isaacs

Jay Acovone

John E. Bush

If someone wanted to work on issues, I could work on candidates.

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