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May Day Poll.  

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  1. 1. If given the opportunity to join a union, would you accept?

  2. 2. Do you believe that workers have the right to unionize?

  3. 3. Do you know anyone that is/was a member of a union?

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1. Nope, not one bit interested in joining a Union.

2. While I may not like the idea of Unions, of course, people have the right to make them.

3. No, well atleast, not that I know of.


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16 minutes ago, republicaninnyc said:

everyone's pro-union so far  3 to 0

I just filled it out. However, having the "opportunity to join" (and joining) being in past tense (and years ago), and myself being someone I know in a union is likely a very perspective than others on this forum.

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I found some interesting pictures of select May Day events of this year, and a noted dichotomy was very clear. The select ones in London, Montreal, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Turkey were very confrontational, angry, condemnatory of the "powers that be," and, at least in Turkey, Russia, and, to a degree, Montreal, were violent and had police intervention. Conversely, in Cuba, Bolivia, and Sri Lanka, celebratory, jubilant, happy parades, fully backed and endorsed by, and praising, the State, were held. In Havana, in fact, cheerful crowds waved Cuban flags and carried big placards with the images of the late Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Che Guevarra, and there, the police in no way tried to stop or impede the march, but marched alongside it as an official escort, clearing traffic for them. A noticeable global divide right there...

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55 minutes ago, pilight said:

It is perhaps notable that a labor union was primarily responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union

You refer to Solidarity in Poland under Lech Walsea, correct? Keep in mind that, by 1989, the situation in the USSR and the Warsaw Pact was just as bad for the protection and promotion of workers' rights as the Fascist nations of the 1930's and 1940's or the ambitions of the American Far Right, and the "legal" labour unions in the old East Bloc (of which Solidarity was NOT one) were in the positions of just being vehicles and engines for that systemic control and oppression of the Proletariat around whom those countries were originally supposed to have been built.

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