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Maryland is EST, which is UTC-4 right now (UTC-5 during standard time). It's currently 17 minutes past noon where I live.

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1 hour ago, Sunnymentoaddict said:

Though I work the night shift, so it explains why I'm active at night.

Same, I work 5PM-11:30PM, come home and take a shower, then usually watch Youtube, go on these forums, and/or play PI. Or, if I've procrastinated to a horrific degree like I've done lately, do homework for college.

I have a 6-8 page paper on voter ID laws due this morning at 11. I've been given the entire semester to prepare, research, and write. It's worth 30% of my English grade, i.e. even though I have a high-90% in this class so far, it doesn't matter if I get below a 70% on this paper, so if I fail this paper I fail this entire class, and since it's required for my degree, I'd have to pony up ~$400 before books to take it again. So naturally, I started the entire paper at 10AM yesterday morning, giving myself a full 25 hours (not including sleep, meals, or the 6 and a half hour shift I worked tonight) to write something meant to be spread out over a number of weeks. :P But hey, I just finished it a second ago.

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