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I had the time to tabulate and create our forum's presidential ranking based off our responses. We have a fairly diverse group ideologically speaking, so our results will differ from the academics.  

There will be several tables, which I will post in this threat. The first ranking is....

Ranking #1: Holistic Averaged Ranking [Takes all the factors into account--favorability, negative popularity, raw # of majority positive event/decisions, % of majority positive event/decisions]

1. Abraham Lincoln 

2. FDR

3. Teddy Roosevelt

4. Thomas Jefferson

5. JFK  *differs from most academic polls*

6. George Washington *differs from most academic polls*

7. Barack Obama *still too soon, but higher than most polls that put him between 12 and 18*

8. Dwight D. Eisenhower

9. John Quincy Adams *differs from most academic polls*

10. LBJ

11. James Monroe

12. James Madison

13. Bill Clinton

14. John Adams 

15. US Grant *differs from most academic polls*

16. Jimmy Carter *differs from most academic polls*

17. Harry S. Truman *greatly differs from most academic polls*

18. Woodrow Wilson *also, greatly differs from most academic polls*

19. Benjamin Harrison *differs from most academic polls*

20. Chester A. Arthur *differ from most polls*

21. James K. Polk *greatly differs from most polls*

22. Gerald Ford *differs from most polls*

23. Ronald Reagan *differs from most polls*

24. Calvin Coolidge

25. William McKinley

26. Rutherford B. Hayes

27. GHW Bush *differs from most polls*

28. James Garfield *differs from most polls*

29. William Taft

30. Andrew Jackson *greatly differs from most polls*

31. Grover Cleveland

32. Richard Nixon

33. Zachary Taylor

34. Martin Van Buren

35. WH Harrison

36. Warren G. Harding *differs from most polls*

37. Herbert Hoover

38. Franklin Pierce

39. John Tyler

40. Millard Fillmore *differs from most polls*

41. Donald Trump *too soon, really. But I'd wager most academic polls would place him between 35-42 so far*

42. Andrew Johnson

43. George W. Bush *differs from most polls*

44. James Buchanan

Analysis on this ranking:

The poll doesn't come to very much of a surprise. The alteration from the norm comes primarily from the fact that this forum has a higher percentage of Democrat Progressives and Republican Libertarians than the normal population. As such, certain aggressive measure such as restricting civil rights and civil liberties or going to war are going to weigh down a president in our ranking more so than in most polls (Polk and Jackson, for example). Additionally, the idealism in both progressive and libertarians might account for the fact that many presidents scored well for their intentions, even if they were not successful in implementing what they said they would do or tried but failed to do (JQ Adams and JFK are prime examples). Centrist politicians, such as JFK, scored very well. Meanwhile, candidates like Wilson and Truman, who partially make progressive aghast, and partially make conservatives aghast, were weighed down by making no one really happy. As a whole, we were forgiving of faults in integrity, scandal and corruption, as Grant, Clinton, Nixon and Harding all seemed to do better in our poll than in most polls. Like most lovers of history, the six aristocratic presidents (Washington through JQ Adams) all fared very well. 

Later this week I will post my other rankings based on more specific areas. I will also start tabulating individual rankings on Wednesday morning. 

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Ranking #2: 270Soft Community Presidential Ranking by Favorability (excluding unfavorability or mixed). 

1. Washington

2. JFK

3. Lincoln

4. Teddy Roosevelt

5. Jefferson

6. FDR

7. Eisenhower

8. Obama

9. JQ Adams

10. Monroe

11. Polk

12. Reagan

13. LBJ

14. Madison

15. Clinton

16. Coolidge

17. J Adams

18. Trump

19. McKinley

20. WH Harrison

21. Carter

22. B Harrison

23. Truman

24. Wilson

25. Jackson

26. Nixon

27. Pierce

28. Ford

29. GHW Bush

30. Garfield

31. Cleveland

32. Arthur

33. Grant

34. Hayes

35. Taft

36. Taylor

37. Harding

38. Fillmore

39. Hoover

40. A Johnson

41. GW Bush

42. Buchanan

43. Van Buren

44. Tyler

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Ranking #3: 270 Soft Community Ranking by Least Offensive (Lowest negative favorability, with highest favorable for tie-breakier) 

1. JFK

2. Lincoln

3. Jefferson

4. Washington

5. T Roosevelt

6. Eisenhower

7. Monroe

8. Grant

9. FDR

10. J Adams

11. JQ Adams

12. GHW Bush

13. Hayes

14. Arthur

15. Truman

16. Ford

17. Garfield

18. Taft

19. LBJ

20. Clinton

21. Carter

22. B Harrison

23. Cleveland

24. Obama

25. Taylor

26. WH Harrison

27. Madison

28. Reagan

29. Nixon

30. McKinley

31. Coolidge

32. Wilson

33. Van Buren

34. Polk

35. Jackson

36. Fillmore

37. Trump

38. Tyler

39. Hoover

40. Harding

41. A Johnson

42. Pierce

43. GW Bush

44. Buchanan

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Ranking #4: 270Soft Community Ranking by Raw Number of Majority Approved Accomplishments (tie-breaker is % approved):

1. FDR

2. Lincoln

3. T Roosevelt

4. Obama

5. Jefferson

6. LBJ

7. Wilson

8. Washington

9. Eisenhower

10. JQ Adams

11. Clinton

12. Grant

13. Truman

14. JFK

15. Monroe

16. Madison

17. Jackson

18. Carter

19. Tyler

20. J Adams

21. Taft

22. B Harrison

23. Arthur

24. Polk

25. Ford

26. Harding

27. Van Buren

28. McKinley

29. Hayes

30. Hoover

31. Taylor

32. Nixon

33. Cleveland

34. Coolidge

35. GHW Bush

36. Fillmore

37. A Johnson

38. Reagan

39. Pierce

40. Garfield

41. WH Harrison

42. GW Bush

43. Trump

44. Buchanan

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Ranking #5: 270Soft Community Ranking by % of Majority Positive Event/Decisions (tie-breaking is overall approval rating):

1. FDR

2. Washington

3. T Roosevelt

4. JFK

5. Lincoln

6. Jefferson

7. LBJ

8. Obama

9. Carter

10. JQ Adams

11. Wilson

12. B Harrison

13. Arthur

14. Monroe

15. Madison

16. Eisenhower

17. Ford

18. Harding

19. Clinton

20. Grant

21. J Adams

22. McKinley

23. Truman

24. Hayes

25. Hoover

26. Van Buren

27. Tyler

28. Coolidge

29. Jackson

30. GHW Bush

31. Fillmore

32. Polk

33. Taft

34. Taylor

35. Pierce

36. Garfield

37. A Johnson

38. Nixon

39. Cleveland

40. Reagan

41. WH Harrison

42. GW Bush

43. Trump

44. Buchanan

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Ok, @CalebsParadox @Patine @pilight @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @Falcon @michaelsdiamonds @servo75 @jnewt @LokiLoki22 @SeanFKennedy @Sunnymentoaddict @jvikings1 @Bruce Fischer @victor1313 @republicaninnyc @vcczar

these are the 5 separate rankings from our community voting. I'm curious as to your responses to this. Also, feel free to create your own unique ranking. I'll have the indvidual rankings up sometime starting tomorrow (Wednesday).  

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1 hour ago, pilight said:

The high ratings for JFK baffle me

It is kind of baffling. He would probably be around #12 to #15 on my personal list. He didn't accomplish much, but he proposed a lot that LBJ enacted, which seems to be the bulk of his appeal. Additionally, he was moderate on taxation and aggressive on defense, so he won the support of some conservative and progressive voters in our forum. 

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3 hours ago, michaelsdiamonds said:

JFK and Hoover seem too high for me, I would switch LBJ and JFK. Other than that, I'm pretty content with this list.

Yeah, I agree on JFK. JFK was helped by being liked by conservatives and progressives. I think Hoover is about where he should be, though. 

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Trump seems about right. I love JFK not because of what he did, necessary, but of what he wanted to do

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25 minutes ago, republicaninnyc said:

I expected bush to be 39 or 38 not 44

This would probably be the case in academic polls, which are generally more balanced. This forum is very progressive, libertarian, populist heavy, which means that Bush's flaws will likely be voted more grievously. If we had more mainstream people in this forum, it would probably lead to a higher polling for Bush and some others in this ranking. This is the same reason why you get Truman and Wilson so low as well. 

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