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  1. 1. If you have not filled out all the polls, do you plan to do so by Wednesday morning so that you can get a personal presidential ranking? [Read comments before responding]

    • I have already filled out all the polls, as you mention in the comments below.
    • Yes, I will fill out the missing polls that you mention below.
    • Yes, I did not do most of the polls, but I will quickly fill them out to get a personal ranking.
    • No, I would like to, but I don't have the time.
    • No, I'm not really interested in getting a personal ranking.
    • I don't know

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James Monroe ,  in order of most and least Monroe-friendly towards his legacy (event/decision votes only):

Tier 1: Monroe fanatics


Tier 2: Generally, Monroe supporters

1. @Conservative Elector 2

2. @jvikings1

3. @CalebsParadox

4. @vcczar

Tier 3: Generally Monroe opponents

5. @TheLiberalKitten

6. @Falcon

7. @SeanFKennedy

8. @pilight

9. @Patine

10. @jnewt

11. @victor1313

12. @servo75

13. @Bruce Fischer

14. @michaelsdiamonds

Tier 4: Monroe detesters


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8 hours ago, servo75 said:

To me that's a sign of an open mind, that he's able to appeal to so many.  All great thinkers are mercurial to a degree.  He succeeded a President who was almost the opposite.

That is preferable to someone fanatically devoted to a bad position.  Of course in modern politics Jefferson would be considered a flip/flopper and would never get nominated.

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