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who would you have voted for if you could re-cast a vote for the US 2016 election


Do it over 2016 US presidential  

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  1. 1. who would you have voted for if you could re-cast a vote for the US 2016 election

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3 minutes ago, servo75 said:

Agreed.  I did not support Trump in the primaries, and I would have liked to see Austin Petersen for a viable Libertarian party.  The only issue is that I wonder what you mean by "reform."  This is not a reason for removing the Electoral College because our decision had nothing to do with the EC.  There are several reasons why we always (not just 2016) wind up with bad choices.  I'd like to see the voting mechanics change but it would have to be at the primaries level (instant runoff voting or some other method), because among other things, the electoral college only applies to the general election when we already had the bad choices.  Fewer than 60 million people voted in the primaries and even there, Trump and Hillary combined for fewer than half those votes.  They were supported by a COMBINED of 30 million votes, out of 231 million eligible voters.  87% of eligible primary voters either chose someone else or couldn't bother to take 10 minutes away from complaining about all our problems to even cast a ballot.  You get the government  you deserve, so we can talk all about reform, but until we start valuing civic education and duty in  the USA, nothing will change.

I can see a point in this. An example more down the line is Japan, the most politically apathetic sovereign nation in the First World. Since 1955, the Liberal Democratic Party (Abe Shinzo's party, and, contrary to what many Americans today might expect of it's name, a centre-right, pro-business, pro-US alliance party that has little or no active agenda or platform in social matters) has held government straight except for three interruptions, and of those, only once has the interrupting government held a viable majority. This is the clear path that political apathy leads to, and I worry the US may headed (or quite far down, even) this path.

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On 4/21/2017 at 9:25 PM, pilight said:

Rand Paul would be even more of a LINO than Johnson.

I'm not a huge Johnson fan, but he was the best of a slate of bad options IMO.

Perhaps - if Austin Petersen gets nominated in 2020, which is admittedly a long-shot, I'd seriously consider voting for him.

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