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Scotland Constitutional Assembly 2018 - Hypothetical

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This scenario, which I may take up if any interest develops, is assuming that, in response to the Brexit, a second Scottish Independence Referendum succeeded in declaring a sovereign nation. Unlike the US in 1787, many nations (especially in the late 19th Century onward) have had Constitutional Assemblies or Conventions of popularly elected delegated running on openly partisan grounds. For the election of this Assembly I'm assuming (moreso out of predicted expediency) the electoral format of the devolved Scottish Parliament would remain in place, but electoral system, along with many other issues around governance, economics, foreign relations, currency, citizenship and immigration, military, monarchy (either retaining the British monarch in personal union or crowning the heir of the House of Stuart) versus declaring a republic, and others besides, would be topics for issues and platforms to run on. The current raft of Scottish Parliament parties will likely get a shake-up and realignment going into this election. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome...

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I would play something like this. I have been following the situation surrounding Brexit for a while, so this is something that I am interested in.  I would also like to see someone create a second referendum scenario (and, for that matter, a compatible first referendum for President Infinity).

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4 hours ago, lok1999 said:

It's the Additional Member System, aka MMP

Aye, I had it mixed up at the time, only additional MSPs are elected via PR.

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