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Hypothetical Constitutional Convention Vote Article 3

Alterations to Article 3 of the Constitution  

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  1. 1. Which of the proposals are you in favor of? Click for "yea" and do not click for "nay."

    • Fix the number of Supreme Court justices to 9, allowing for no reduction or increase in this number.
    • Term limits of 20 years for Supreme Court Justices
    • The Chief Justice will also preside over impeachment trials involving the VP. This prevents the possibility of the VP, as president of the Senate, presiding over his own impeachment trial.
    • A vacancy on the court, must be filled as soon as practical, by the incumbent president, and then must be heard and voted on for confirmation by the Senate within 90s days of nomination.
    • A supreme court justice must have reached a minimum age of 50.
    • Only federal-level judges can be elevated to SC justice
    • Any decision by the Supreme Court may be nullified by 3/5 vote of either the Senate and House, or 3/5 of the states, through state legislature or state referendum. This shall not be subject to Presidential veto, and must take place within two years of the court's decision.
  2. 2. Has the Merrick Garland-Neil Gorsuch situation caused a Constitutional crisis that needs to be addressed through amendments?

  3. 3. Which of the following reflects your view on Constitutional theory...

    • The Constitution is a document to be taken literally word for word
    • I believe the Constitution is purposely designed to allow for a loose interpretation
    • The Constitution is a not living documents; it is dead
    • The Constitution is a living document
    • Jefferson was right, a new Constitutional Convention should occur about every 20 years, since each generation should not be shackled by the previous one
    • Our amendment process, as difficult and slow as it is to amend anything, does enough to update the Constitution
    • The Amendment process should be easier and swifter
    • The Constitution needs to enumerate more of our rights to prevent federal government encroachment
    • I agree with Hamilton that the Bill of Rights wasn't needed, since it was impossible to list all our rights, and those not listed would automatically become non-rights.
    • Had I lived in 1787, I would have voted for the Constitution
    • Had I lived in 1787, I would have voted against the Constitution, favoring the Articles of Confederation.
    • Presidents should be sworn in on the Constitution instead of the Bible, especially since the Oath itself is in regards to the Constitution and not religion.

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