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Update on 2020 Presidential Election and 1637 Massachusetts Elections


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I know I said I'd have time to finish these about April 15th, but it will probably take more more time with that, considering the end of semester professor duties taking precedence. I thought I'd have more time, but I don't.

For the Massachusetts scenario, I have most of the endorsers done, I just need to to add the events, which I've already typed out. I also want to add some what-if candidates. 

For the 2020 Election, I need to finish adding in the new events and deleting some old events, Tinker the recently added candidates a bit, and perhaps add some new candidates. One dilemma I am facing is that I have a fairly full narrative for Trump and the Republicans, but I don't have much of a narrative for Democrats, except in their opposition to some of the Trump events. I am looking to build a narrative around the more likely candidates. For the sake of getting this out, I will probably ignore events on "minor" or "unlikely" candidates. Lastly, the General Election is problematic, since the events could change based off who challenges Trump. I'll probably stick to narratives involving Warren, Brown, Gillibrand, Booker, and Franken, only. Also, I need to tweek events in light of recent real life events. 

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I have updated and finished the VPs for the 2020 scenario. Candidate only available as VPs (a lot of the VP options are "what if" candidates): 

  • Fmr Rep. Michelle Bachmann (mainly for @Dallas, since I doubt she'll be considered)
  • Sen. Mike Lee
  • Att. Gen. Jeff Sessions, if Trump was to replace Pence for whatever reason
  • Fmr Speaker Newt Gingrich
  • Sen. Bob Corker
  • Gov. Marsha Blackburn
  • Fmr Gov. Rick Scott
  • Fmr Gov. Mary Fallin
  • Sen. Deb Fischer
  • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito
  • Gov. Jan Brewer
  • Sen. Richard Burr
  • VP Mike Pence
  • Sen. Ken Salazar
  • Sen. Bill Nelson
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill
  • Sen. Xavier Becerra 
  • Rep. Kyrsten Sinema
  • Gov. Terry McAuliffe
  • Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III
  • Fmr Sec. John Kerry
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