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#12 Zachary Taylor's Legacy

Zachary Taylor's Legacy Poll  

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  1. 1. Which of the following Taylor decisions/events are positives for his legacy?

    • Tried to avert sectional conflict over slavery in the territories by urging congress to not organize territorial governments.
    • Promised to quell secession and hang traitors if states left the Union over the slavery issue
    • Said he would not sign the Great Compromise (he died before it got to him, however).
    • Promised to use a federal army against Texas, when Texas threatened to invade New Mexico during a boundary dispute
    • Selected relatively minor politicians for his cabinet, but they represented different parts of the country
    • Refrained from building a relationship with Congress, favoring almost exclusively on his cabinet for advice.
    • Selected John Clayton, a novice in foreign affairs, as his Sec of State
    • Smoothed tension with the British regarding a future canal in Panama in the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
    • Vocally supported German liberals in their Revolutions of 1848.
    • Blockaded Cuba, and prevented a radical Venezuelan adventurer from attempting to conquer Cuba.
    • Died in office after only about a year and a half in office
    • Mostly independent; had never voted before his election, favoring the Whigs only because of their stance on banking
    • Had planned to fire his entire cabinet shortly before his death, because they often disagreed with him and were mostly incompetent.
    • Supported a high tariff, favored by the North, but not by the South
    • Wanted to subsidize the Transcontinental Railroad with federal funds
    • While a slaveholder, his policy was to contain slavery where it was legally, but not to let it expand.
    • Began the Apache War
    • Continued the Navajo and Cayuse Wars
    • Avoided major wars
    • None of the above
  2. 2. part 2 of the above

    • Did not intervene when it was reported that Gold Rush settlers were killing off Native Americans in the Gold Rush region.
    • Did not appoint a Supreme Court justice during is term.
    • His strong and active pro-Unionist stance, like Jackson, influenced Abraham Lincoln's governing philosophy during the Civil War
    • Promised the Mormons that they'd have relative freedom in Utah to live as they wish.
    • Saw one of the first major cabinet scandals when his Sec of War, Crawford, used his office for his own monetary profit.
    • None of the above
  3. 3. In general, how do you view Taylor's presidency?

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19 minutes ago, pilight said:

Taylor never voted because he couldn't.  His military duty had him relocating often and in those days states didn't make residency exceptions for active duty soldiers, so he was never eligible to vote.

I never thought about that before. Good point, but I also read that he wasn't even sure which party he'd run for, which seems to imply that he didn't think much about politics before he ran. 

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12 minutes ago, vcczar said:

I never thought about that before. Good point, but I also read that he wasn't even sure which party he'd run for, which seems to imply that he didn't think much about politics before he ran. 

Somewhat mixed on the blockade of Cuba. Otherwise, as selected.

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