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James K. Polk's Presidential Legacy  

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  1. 1. Which of the following Polk decisions/events are positives for his legacy?

    • Signed the Walker Tariff, which greatly reduced the tariff. This pleased the agricultural South, but not the industrial North
    • Revived Van Buren's independent treasury, as an alternative to a Federal Bank
    • Invaded Mexico, which extended our territory. However, it was opposed by Northerners and abolitionists, who feared it was increase the power of the Slave States
    • Proposed extending the Missouri compromise line to the Pacific as a solution to the Slave vs Free State issue regarding former Mexican territory
    • Was willing to risk war with Britain in order to get a favorable compromise for the Oregon Territory boundary
    • Tried to buy Cuba from Spain
    • Pledged to serve only one term
    • Vetoed two major internal improvement bills, which were aimed to improve roads, coasts and harbors
    • Created the Department of the Interior
    • Ignored calls from his party to annex all of Mexico after the war.
    • Fulfilled all of his major campaign promises
    • Notable cabinet selections include James Buchanan at Sec of State and Cave Johnson at Postmaster General, arguably our greatest postmaster.
    • Attempted to purchase California and New Mexico from Mexico, but was turned down, just prior to the Mexican War
    • Announced Gold in California, which allowed a few Americans to make a fortune, but also led to the deaths of approximately 100,000 Native Americans who lived in the West.
    • Helped kill the Wilmot Proviso, which would have made slavery illegal in the territory acquired by Mexico
    • Began the prolonged on-again off-again Navajo War
    • Signed a treaty to gain the rights to part of Panama (where the canal will eventually be).
    • Began the Cayuse War, a Native American war, which continued after his term in office
    • Was not popular enough to be succeeded by a member of his own party for president.
    • None of the above
  2. 2. In general, what is your opinion of Polk's presidency?

    • Positive
    • Mixed
    • Negative

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When I'm not pissed off about this glitch, I'll try doing this again. I think it happened because I forgot to put a title on the 2nd group of questions, so it just cut it off and wouldn't let me readd them when I tried to edit the poll. It's a really stupid function, since it doesn't prompt me to put in a title if I left it out. 

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