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Election 2020: Updated Candidates


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I've updated the 2020 election candidates. 

Added are Susan Collins, Al Franken, Martin O'Malley, Gavin Newsome, Peter Buttigieg, all of which are set to OFF

Mike Pence has been readded as a VP option for Trump in his bid for reelection. 

I'm also going to delete some of the more radically independent events regarding Trump, since he's pretty much followed the Republican Party line. 

Cruz, Rubio and several of the challengers are now set to OFF. I'm keeping Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and Rand Paul on for now. 

Below are the current candidates in the scenario:









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11 minutes ago, Reagan04 said:

@vcczar what events were radically independent?

If you played my 2020 scenario, you may remember Trump constantly defying both Democrats and Republicans, and going so far as to try and appoint both Ted Cruz and Barack Obama as SC justices. 

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15 hours ago, michaelsdiamonds said:

Any idea when we will get the download? I enjoyed the previous version a lot! I ran as both Gillibrand and Biden.

It's going to be awhile (maybe a few weeks to a month). I have to change the events, some of the surrogates, and polish the new candidates. 

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