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Can anyone guide me on how to make a mod?


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A good place to start is with the map. If you can't be sure you can get hold of one, then it is going to make it difficult to make the mod. I'd start by looking for any previous Israel scenarios on the campaigns page, even if they are from the previous generation of games, you can download the scenario and import the map from that using the regions page under the 'map' tab in editor  and it should still work for President Infinity.

If you cannot find the map you need, then you'll have to make one yourself (which there are separate guides for) or hope someone makes it for you. However, it is difficult to obtain the background file that is needed right now to do that, so it would be far better if there is an Israel map already floating around somewhere for you to use. You could have a browse through maps that people have previously uploaded to the forum if you can't find any Israel campaigns. There is more to it than just the map, but it will be difficult to complete without it.


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3 hours ago, PoliticalGeek said:

I'd like to make a new mod for President Infinity.

I'm starting from scratch and I don't really know what to do. I have in mind an Israel mod.

You'd be better off with PMI for an Israeli scenario, especially once the PR option and coalitions are available. The President of Israel is not elected directly or by a US-style Electoral College, but by the Knesset instead, and the office of President of Israel is mostly ceremonial and almost always just a retirement sinecure for former PM's and other distinguished Israeli statesmen - like on most European countries (except France, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Turkey, and, well, I guess Vatican City, for all it's worth) the Prime Minister, selected by parliamentary responsibility and confidence, is the true apex of executive political power in the country.

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