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Round 3: 2020 Election update


Round 3: Who is likely to run in 2020?   

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  1. 1. Select the Democratic politician that is MOST likely to run in 2020

    • Gov. Martin O'Malley - MD (has led in round 1 and round 2)
    • Sen. Al Franken - MN
    • Gov. Andrew Cuomo - NY
    • Gov. (currently Lt. Gov.) Gavin Newsom - CA (not in previous rounds)
    • None of the above are likely to run in 2020
  2. 2. What do the Democrats most need in a 2020 candidate? PLEASE PICK ONLY THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT

    • Someone that is moderate to win over independents that voted for Trump.
    • Someone that is mainstream liberal in an attempt to hold both wings of the party together.
    • Someone that is a progressive to offer significant change and to encourage Sanders supporters to get out and vote.
    • Someone that is charismatic enough to deflate Trump's presence.
    • Someone that has a lot of government experience
    • Someone with little government experience, possibly with none, just as Trump did in 2016.
    • Someone from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida or some other state that Trump won in 2016
    • Someone younger than 60
    • Bernie Sanders
    • Hillary Clinton
  3. 3. Do you expect the Democratic Party in 2020 to be significantly different from the 2016 Democratic Party?

    • Yes, they will likely borrow much more from Bernie Sanders and also some of the better elements of Trump's message.
    • Yes, they will avoid the Sanders/Warren wing of the party and begin to pay special attention to moderate Democrats in efforts to win the Midwest, Florida, the South and Mountain States.
    • No, although the message might be slightly different, they will be pretty much the same as they have been for years.

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I should add that I won't be adding any Republicans to the update. 

I will be adding Buttigieg in the update as a stand in for a relatively unknown Democratic challenger in 2020, even though he didn't receive any votes. 

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1 hour ago, Reagan04 said:

I will say that while I don't believe it will come to pass. The GOP did in 1992 have a rather successful primary opposition to an incumbent President.

I think if Trump makes his base unhappy, then he will have loads of challengers. 

If you remember, my current version of the 2020 election does have some challengers: Cruz, Rubio, Graham, Kasich, Huntsman, Rubio, Cotton, Sasse, Susana Martinez, and maybe one other. This is just for the addition of other "likely" challengers. Personally, I think Rubio has fallen under Trump's spell and is no longer a member of the inter-party opposition. I think Cruz still is, even though he's being quiet about it. 

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