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2020 Election Poll

2020 Election Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Democrat are you more likely to support in the Democratic primaries -- select all scenarios that are true for you

    • Elizabeth Warren over Cory Booker
    • Sherrod Brown over Cory Booker
    • Cory Booker over Sherrod Brown
    • Cory Booker over Elizabeth Warren
    • Elizabeth Warren over Sherrod Brown
    • Sherrod Brown over Elizabeth Warren
    • Hillary Clinton over Booker, Brown or Warren
    • Hickenlooper over Booker, Brown or Warren
    • Murphy over Booker, Brown or Warren
    • Kamala Harris over Booker, Brown or Warren
    • Gillibrand over Booker, Brown or Warren
    • Booker over Gillibrand
    • Brown over Gillibrand
    • Warren over Gillibrand
    • Joe Biden over any of the above
    • I'm a registered Democrat that doesn't like any of these choices, so I'd sit out the primaries, and potential not vote or vote 3rd party in the general
    • I am not a registered Republican, or I do not plan to vote in the 2020 Democratic Primary
  2. 2. Which Republican Primary opponent would you vote for in the primaries over Trump?

    • None. I would vote for Trump.
    • Ted Cruz over Trump
    • John Kasich over Trump
    • Jon Huntsman over Trump
    • Lindsey Graham over Trump
    • Susan Collins over Trump
    • I'm not a registered Republican, or I do not plan to vote in the Republican 2020 primaries
  3. 3. Which scenario is true for you in the general election?

    • I will vote for Trump against any Democrat
    • Warren over Trump
    • Booker over Trump
    • Hickenlooper over Trump
    • Brown over Trump
    • Clinton over Trump
    • Murphy over Trump
    • Gillibrand over Trump
    • Harris over Trump
    • Biden over Trump
    • I will not vote for Trump or any of these Democrats.
    • I do not plan to vote.

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1 hour ago, jvikings1 said:

I assume that that was supposed to say that you are a registered Republican

Yeah, my mistake. I was thinking about what I needed to put in the second section while typing that. 

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