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2020 Scenario Update


Who Should be Added to my 2020 Scenario  

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  1. 1. Which of the following Democrats are more likely than not to run for the presidency in 2020?

    • Sen. Bernie Sanders VT
    • Sen. Jeff Merkley OR
    • Sen. Chris Murphy CT
    • Sen. Al Franken MN
    • Sen. Amy Klobuchar MN
    • Gov. Andrew Cuomo NY
    • Gov. Steve Bullock MT
    • Gov John Hickenlooper CO
    • Gov Terry McAuliffe VA
    • Gov. Martin O'Malley MD
    • Mr. Mark Cuban TX
    • None of these are likely to run
  2. 2. Which of the Following Republicans is more likely than not to run against Trump in 2020?

    • Sen. Susan Collins ME
    • Sen. John McCain AZ
    • Sen. Tim Scott SC
    • UN Amb Nikki Haley SC
    • Rep. Justin Amash MI
    • None of these is likely to run
  3. 3. Will the Libertarian and Green Parties have new nominees?

    • No, Gary Johnson is the only competitive option for the Libertarians
    • No, Jill Stein is the only candidate for Green
    • Yes, the Libertarian nominee is likely to be _______________. (post the name)
    • Yes, the Green nominee is likely to be ______________.(post the name)
    • Yes, the Green Party will have a new nominee, but I have no clue who it will be
    • Yes, the Libertarian Party will have a new nominee, but I have no clue who it will be.

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I've included candidates in this poll that are not already included in my scenario. 

I'm also going to alter some of the events I have in my scenario from the one that is available for download. I feel as if Trump is going to be more mainline conservative than independent as I had thought. So I'll get rid or alter some of his more independent events. As such, the scenario will be less chaotic and less humorous. I will probably have both versions for download. 

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