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Ack! A Landslide of Errors Part II

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So, as anyone who was following the story of the topic Ack! A Landslide of Errors knows, I had some major problems in creating my scenario, Liberal States of America. However, yesterday, I solved them. Since I had finished the LSA, I got to work on the Conservative States of America. I finished the initial work on it just now. I did everything just like it worked in the final version of the LSA, but it didn't work. Same exact error message as before. I'm totally stumped. Just to be certain, I tacked on Massachusetts to be my scapestate, as I had done with Wyoming in the LSA, so that my number of regions in the electorate trends file could be one off and the game would still work. Well, that didn't work. I'd appreciate any suggestions. More information coming later!

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OK, first update... I changed the number of states to being accurate, and you'll never guess what happened. Same thing. Except, not quite. It came up as a totally blank screen, with the alternating error messages. But then, when I began moving the error message screen to place the x of the error message over the x of the game and thus exit, as I moved the window it scraped away the white and revealed... Well, there's no need to describe it in detail, as it's in Ack! I. Suffice it to say that it was a messed-up 2000 and thought I was George4567 Bush567890 instead of John Edwards. Strange.

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