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What Kind of President Might You Be?

What Kind of President Might You Be? (Read the Entire 1st comment before voting)  

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  1. 1. Did you read the entire first comment below before voting in this poll?

  2. 2. Which Presidential Type (4 letters) Did You Get, based of the options in the first comment?

    • NCER - Trump (possibly)
    • NCEA - No historical representative
    • NCLR - JQ Adams and Polk
    • NCLA - Garfield (possibly)
    • NSLA - Washington, J Adams, Buchanan, Hayes, Taft, Coolidge, Eisenhower
    • NSLR - Madison, Tyler, Taylor
    • NSEA - Pierce, Arthur, Harding
    • NSER - A Johnson, GW Bush
    • PCER - Jefferson, Jackson, T Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ, Reagan
    • PCLA - Grant, Cleveland, Hoover
    • PCLR - Lincoln, Wilson, Truman, Nixon, Obama
    • PCEA - Van Buren, WH Harrison (possibly), Carter
    • PSER - McKinley
    • PSEA - Monroe
    • PSLR - JFK, Clinton
    • PSLA - Fillmore, Ford, GHW Bush
  3. 3. Are any of the presidents listed in your president type among your favorites?

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I decided to try a fun game. I categorized the presidents somewhat in the fashion of the Myers-Briggs personality test. 

Given these options, which best fits you (obviously, there will be some of both): 

Part 1: P or N

P = Reacts to working as president positively, eagerly to seek reelection, and would serve more than two terms if legal. 

N = A reluctant president, serving primarily because he/she feels that he/she is the best person available, likely to abhor much of the job (media scrutiny, campaigning, bureaucracy or administrative work--depending on personality), and is unlikely to seek reelection. 

Part 2: C or S

C = Inclined to attempt to change America from what it is currently and what it has been in the in much of the past.

S = Inclined to keep America as it is, except for maybe some changes to revert it back to what it was not too long ago. 

Part 3: L or E

L = I am likely to follow logic, experts, and facts to make policy decisions

E = I am more likely to use instinct and popular emotion (the Will of the People) to make policy decisions

Part 4: R or A

R = Willing to take many risks with the power of the presidency in order to enact policy or change. 

A = Less inclined to take risks with the power of the presidency, since stability keeps the country strong, especially in times of peace, but also at times in war. 

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Interesting that about everyone is getting PCLR.

I nearly put PCLR, but then I realized that I wouldn't like campaigning. I'd just want to get straight to work and I'd find that some of the more ritualistic parts of the office would annoy me. Additionally, I'd really only want to serve one term, or at least not personally campaign for reelection. I wouldn't take a single vacation, but I'd also rarely leave the White House, preferring to focus exclusively on work 16 hours a day or more. After 4 years, regardless if I was successful or not, I'd look forward to retirement from power. 

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On 2/21/2017 at 10:38 AM, vcczar said:

Interesting that about everyone is getting PCLR.


I didn't get PCLR, but you probably could've seen that coming. What's funny is that i got NCLR, which i believe you had, @vcczar! :D!

I think the wave of PCLRs is more of a zeitgeist thing. It doesn't seem to matter what side you're on (unless for some bizarre reason, you're still with the Bush Clan), folks want change to be exacted soon. Like, now. Which takes care of the C, L, R, i think.

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2 hours ago, Take Me to La Riva said:

I am James K. Polkemon!

James K. Polkemon.png

This is awesome. I want to make a president and presidential nominee card game

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