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1988 election


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Democratic Candidates (on)

Michael Dukakis

Jesse Jackson

Albert (Al) Gore

Dick Gephart

Paul M Simon

Gary Hart

Bruce Babbit

David Duke

James Traficant

Douglas Applegate


Lloyd Bentsen 

Joe Biden

Richard Stallings

(what ifs)

Ted Kennedy

Jimmy Carter (part two)

Mario Cuomo

John Glenn

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Republican Candidates (on):

George H.W. Bush

Bob Dole

Pat Robertson

Jack Kemp

Pierre DuPont

Alexander Hiag

Ben Fernandez

Paul Laxalt

Donald Rumsfeld

Harold Stassen

Isabell Masters


Gerald Ford

Dan Qualye

John Sununu


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Issues Time:


Iran Contra

1987 Stock Crash (shorten to "Stock Market")


Farm Crisis

Panama (http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Manuel_Noriega)


Soviet Union


War on Drugs

Issue Knowledge


Sananic Panic (Religious Right) http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Satanic_panic

Gangs and Crime


Negative campaigns

Death Penalty


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5 minutes ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

Good start :) Now I'll need candidate photographs. Any suggestions?

Set up a google docs and I can drop them in as I find them, I'll try to get the same style, and official-looking photos

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Update: Candidates for the Democrat and Republican party are done. Events are done. Issues are done. Interviewers are done. Population is done. Debates are done.  

I'm working on endorsers right now and then finally I'll do the polls, which I think I'll struggle with. 

I'm almost done with this scenario. 

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