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Trump's Inauguration Speech


Trump's Inauguration Speech  

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  1. 1. Which of the following sentences reflects your views on Trump's Inauguration Speech

    • It was a convincing speech for unity
    • It was populist
    • It was radical
    • It was in line with his campaign promises
    • It diverged from the standard Republican ideology
    • It was progressive
    • It was empty, because Trump tells people what they want to hear, and then rarely follows through.
    • It was better than Obama's addresses
    • It was arguably the greatest addresses ever.
    • It was one of the worst addresses ever.
    • It sounded like a Fascist speech
    • It did not meet my Conservative values
    • It was much more presidential than his convention speech
    • It was smart to repeat and focus on "America First"
    • It was smart to attack the elites and the sitting politicians on the stage
    • He should have said some kind words about his predecessor, as Obama, Carter and others had done.
    • He should have said some kind words about his election opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the speech (he later gave her a standing ovation at lunch).
    • It was smart for Trump to mention that he will work equally for all Americans, regardless of skin color.
    • Trump painted a picture of America that is much darker ("American carnage," crime-infested cities, etc.) than reality.
    • Trump's speech will be well received by most of the international community.
  2. 2. Trump's speech is ideologically more similar to

    • Progressive Populist
    • Progressive Liberal
    • Conservative Republican
    • Mainstream Republican
    • Moderate Republican
    • Independent Populist
    • Mainstream Democrat
    • Liberal Democrat
    • Libertarian
    • Populist Conservative
  3. 3. My opinion of the speech is closest to...

    • Greatest inauguration speech by any president, surpassing FDR, JFK, Reagan, and Obama!
    • Among the best speeches for it's clarity and for accurately reflecting the will of the people.
    • A mediocre speech with many great or good elements mixed with some ill-thought out and unfortunate phrases. Clear, but little eloquence.
    • Below average. He did a good job of speaking directly to the people, but the speech was not well-crafted or well-delivered.
    • Among the worst speeches in US History. Former presidents and the Founding Fathers would be turning in their graves at the overall ill-conceived rhetoric of the speech.

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A poll. 

His speech has received some mixed reviews. However, I'll say I was somewhat surprised with elements of it. There were many populist progressive elements in parts of the speech that would have been in a Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich address had they ever became president. Therefore, I do applaud parts of the speech. However, it was mixed with other rhetoric that I did not like at all.

Overall, I believe it's rather meaningless since Trump has yet to really follow through with his promises. For instance, he claims to work for all Americans and encompass the will of the people, but then he signs an executive order deregulating Obamacare (pending repeal), so as to make it easier to remove it, even though the majority of Americans want to expand Obamacare rather than repeal it. Even Fox News admits this fact, and they headlined it on their front page for half a day.  I'm guessing that this executive order is more symbolic than anything. 

I'm also predicting that Trump signs more executive orders in one-term than Obama does in his entire presidency. Obama actually signed the least number of executive orders of any two-term president since Grover Cleveland, and all one-term presidents since Cleveland, were on pace to surpass Obama. I think Trump will hit 500 in his first term (Truman was the last to do this). 

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I don't know how in the world anybody could say the speech was "Empty because Trump tells people what they want to hear and then rarely follows through" when he has NEVER held public office before and at the time of the speech was literally just sworn in 2 minutes prior. Obviously you can't say he hasn't delivered on his promises yet as he has not had an opportunity to do so.

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Also If Trump had mentioned Hillary in the inauguration speech she would have been booed and people would be chanting lock her up, I think it was wise for him to not mention her in the speech but rather later at the Lunch where she could be given a standing ovation.

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