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Alt History 1984 Election


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I'm working on an alternate history 1984 election where Ted Kennedy absolutely crushes either Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan in the general (not sure which, as I'm currently playing the campaign and they're neck and neck with Iowa only weeks away).

I managed to overcome the massive scandal-campaign collapse Kennedy got IRL (I somehow managed to spin the super harmful scandal into a positive and had it running at +2 and then +3 for a week).

I was wondering, are there any existing 1984 scenarios that I can base this on? I'm going to have the country have moved to the left since then (with a public healthcare bill and the ERA passing being events during the early part of the campaign) so I was also wondering if anybody had any idea about what issues I could include in this scenario (I will also use this thread to updates on my work).

Thanks for any help you can give!

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