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Favorite Historical Massachusetts Politicians


Who are your favorite historical Massachusetts Politicians?  

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  1. 1. Who are your favorite historical Massachusetts governors?

    • Deval Patrick - Dem (1st African-American governor of Massachusetts)
    • Mitt Romney - Rep (former nominee for president)
    • William Weld - Rep (future Libertarian VP nominee)
    • Michael Dukakis - Dem (future nominee for president)
    • Calvin Coolidge - Rep (future president)
    • John Albion Andrew - Rep (served throughout Civil War)
    • Edward Everett - Whig (later famous for giving the long speech before Lincoln's Gettysburg Address)
    • Levi Lincoln, Jr. - Whig (a leading Anti-Jacksonian)
    • Elbridge Gerry - Dem-Rep (Founding Father and the namesake for Gerrymandering)
    • Samuel Adams - Independent (Founding Father)
    • John Hancock - Independent (Founding Father)
    • John Adams - Federalist [Note: Not a governor, but I want to fit him in here somewhere to test his favorability; Founding Father and future president]
  2. 2. Who are your favorite historical Massachusetts senators?

    • Elizabeth Warren - D (1st woman Massachusetts senator)
    • John Kerry - D (future nominee for president)
    • Ted Kennedy - D
    • Edward Brooke - R (1st African-American elected senator in US history)
    • Leverett Saltonstall - R
    • John F. Kennedy - D (future US President)
    • Henry Cabot Lodge Jr - R (future VP nominee)
    • Henry Cabot Lodge Sr - R (leading proponent of an American empire)
    • George Frisbie Hoar - R
    • Charles Sumner - R (leading abolitionist)
    • Daniel Webster - Whig (2x Sec of State)
    • Harrison Gray Otis - Federalist
  3. 3. Who are your favorite historical Massachusetts representatives?

    • Charles Francis Adams Sr - Whig (son of JQ Adams, former Amb to UK for Lincoln)
    • John Quincy Adams - Whig (former President, Senator and Sec of State)
    • Fisher Ames - Federalist (leading High Federalist/Extreme Hamiltonian)
    • Nathaniel P. Banks - Republican/Democrat/Know-Nothing (one time Speaker and Civil War general)
    • Benjamin F. Butler - Republican (also governor and Civil War general)
    • William Eustis - Dem-Rep (also governor and former surgeon at the Battle of Bunker Hill)
    • John F. Fitzgerald - Dem (grandfather of JFK)
    • Barney Frank - Dem (co-author of Dodd-Frank Act)
    • Joseph P. Kennedy II - Dem (son of RFK)
    • Joseph P. Kennedy III - Dem (grandson of RFK, son of JPK2)
    • Horace Mann - Whig ("Father of Common Schools," Public education reformer)
    • Joseph William Martin, Jr - Rep (Speaker)
    • John William McCormack - Dem (Speaker)
    • Tip O'Neill - Dem (Speaker)
    • Josiah Quincy III - Rep (future mayor of Boston and President of Harvard)
    • Theodore Sedgwick - Federalist (Speaker)
    • Joseph Bradley Varnum - Dem-Rep (Speaker)
    • Artemas Ward - Federalist (former Rev War general)
    • Robert Charles Winthrop - Rep (Speaker)

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Do you think Mitt Romney would have won a second term as Governor if he tried?

It's possible, but I don't think so. 

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