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What would your ideal 'Be President' Game be?

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12 minutes ago, Conservative Elector 2 said:

Okay I created a character in this game too. I didn't know until now, that this game exists at all. :D Very cool. I moved to Arkansas as a Republican: Christian J. Ackermann

I will need to check the game out.

Excellent.  Join the chat.

Here is my politician:  http://oppressive.games/power/pol.php?pol=134

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2 minutes ago, victor1313 said:

hi what needed to running for position?

Something the game uses called Power,It regenerates every hour

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6 minutes ago, Patine said:

@Jayavarman, @jvikings1, @Reagan04, @Sanser2016, @lok1999, @TheMiddlePolitical, @wolves


Can you only play this 'Power' game as one of the two major parties and maybe an Independent, or are extant Third Parties possible (even obscure ones)?

You can make your own party,and have people join it,theres a couple senate seats that are run by alternate third parties

 heres my character for anyone wondering http://oppressive.games/power/pol.php?pol=653

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http://oppressive.games/power/parties.php@Patine list of the parties right now,all you have to do is garner enough power and money to make one,you can also just run as independent

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Also the current map (Next elections are in 25 hours,for Governerships,and senate seats 1) http://oppressive.games/power/map.php

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On 12/30/2016 at 7:17 PM, victor1313 said:


my character

I've sent you some money.  Please use it to build up your state influence each turn/hour via self TV ads only.  Don't waste Power on fundraisers.  We need you to become competitive in Michigan!

Please also consider switching races to Senate Election 1.

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11 hours ago, Jayavarman said:

Will you be joining a party?  Actions cost "Power", and you get more Power per turn/hour with a major party (+9) and holding an office (+2 or +3).

Oh ok. Then I'll probably join the Democrats. 

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