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22 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:

I drop Sen. Roy Blunt for Sen. Susan Collins

Ok, cool. I need your email address, since I'm going to move this to email, so we don't clutter Anthony's forum with an off-topic league. 

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6 hours ago, JohnnyK said:

@vcczar You could just make 1 big group PM and post updates there

That would be impractical for several reasons. Here are two of them -- 1) There's a severe limit to how many messages the inbox holds. I would have to be able to hold on to a season's worth of messages so I can refer back to things. 2) As commissioner, my gmail allows me to better organize the conversations. 

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Ok. I have sent emails to all the fantasy league owners. So this will be officially transferred to email so as to not clutter the forum with an off-topic league. I'll post the results of the league in this forum at the end of the year, should anyone be curious though. Also, if anyone would like to receive league emails as a spectator, then you can let me know ( @Patine or @admin_270 or @Dallas might find it interesting). I've never done this before, and I'm not sure there is anything like this. 

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If anyone is curious about our Political Fantasy League. This is the tentative score heading into the Inauguration festivities and protests. 

Analysis 1/19 (see below in section 3)

1. Current Tentative Season Score:
Lok 35
JViking 15
VCCzar 15
Sunny 15
Sanser 15
JohnnyK 10
Calebs 5
Conservative 5
Reagan 5
Middle 0
2. Current Rosters:
@Sunnymentoaddict Trump, Manchin, Haley, J. Brown, Meadows

@lok1999: Pence, Sanders, Conway, Comey, Ellison

@CalebsParadox: P. Ryan, Gillibrand, Priebus, Sh. Brown, S. Martinez

@TheMiddlePolitical: McConnell, Bannon, Flynn, Cuomo, T. Ryan

@Reagan04: Anthony, Roberts, Price, Heitkamp, Duckworth

@jvikings1: Sessions, Pelosi, Carson, Paul, Durbin

@JohnnyK: Tillerson, Schumer, Ron Johnson, S. Collins, K. Harris

@Conservative Elector 2: Mnuchin, Ivanka Trump, Cruz, Yellen, Angus King

@Sanser2016: McCain, Warren, Rubio, Sasse, Booker

@vcczar: Obama, Mattis, Graham, Franken, Cornyn

3. Analysis


Lok holds a major lead at the moment, thanks primarily to a favorable combination of confirmation hearings, DNC battle, Obamacare repeal drama, and drama regarding Comey's fate. Once Trump takes office, others are likely to catch up rapidly. 


It seems apparent that Sessions will play a major role in the Trump administration. Pelosi, as minority House leader will also accrue many points for JViking in 2017. Rand Paul has scored some early points for JViking as a leading proponent of a replacement plan for Obamacare. Carson's actual influence is TBD. 


VCCzar gets some early points thanks to 19 1/2 days of an Obama presidency. After this he must bank on Obama retaining the role of unofficial party leader, and acting as such, in 2017. If he does, he will be the first post-president "party leader" since Andrew Jackson. Franken has been one of the most active players in the confirmation hearings.


Sunny is the favorite to win this year, since he has soon-to-be-elected Donald Trump. He may have handicapped himself somewhat by selecting Rep. Meadows, who may not carry any influence on 2017. If Trump takes as major of a role as president as Obama has, then Sunny will be hard to beat. If Trump delegates as much as George W. Bush or Reagan, then Sunny could be defeated. If Trump faces impeachment, and removal, then Trump could potentially sink Sunny's team. 


She probably has the most balanced team, and this will probably help her compete throughout the entire season.  Warren, Booker, and Rubio have all been major players in the confirmation hearings. 


JohnnyK's scoring will definitely escalate if Tillerson is confirmed. Schumer will continue to accrue points in the senate as he will be the official opposition voice to the Senate Republican majority. The wild card will be Kamala Harris. If she comes through in 2017, JohnnyK could be the major challenge to Sunny's team. 

Conservative Elector 2:

This is a rather risky team, but could surprise. Mnuchin and Cruz are likely to score points. Ivanka Trump could potentially be a steal, especially since her husband is now going to play a major role in Trump's presidency. Angus King could be a deciding vote on some Senate votes (especially if there are some absences). Yellen's influence will be dependent on Federal Reserve drama and potentially an economic slide powerful enough to warrant a variety of interviews and hearings for Yellen. 


Reagan will jump up this list once court cases are heard. No other owner drafted members of the court, so Reagan will have this monopoly for now. If Price is confirmed, he should score a lot of points in 2017. Duckworth is a wild card as a rookie senator. 


The Middle has zero points at the moment, but this will obviously change. As the least active owner in the draft, his team could stand improvement through add/drops. No doubt, McConnell, Bannon and Flynn will be a source for points. Cuomo is a potential high-reward wild card. Meanwhile, T. Ryan's defeat for House Minority Leader reverts him to an absolute Wild Card. There is a chance that the Democratic Ryan will position himself as Pelosi's successor by becoming a major attack dog in the house. He fits the needed Democratic high-need demographic -- he's a Midwestern white male from Ohio. As such, he may be promoted by his party to lead or oppose major legislation. 

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Here's a 1st Quarter update on the league if anyone was curious about it that wasn't actively playing. The roster's have changes somewhat due to add/drops and JohnnyK dropping out, but here's the current standings. 

Season leaders [roster]:

Sunny 175   [Pres. Trump, Sen. Manchin, Amb. Haley, Gov. J. Brown, Rep. Chaffetz]
Lok 155       [VP Pence, Sen. Sanders, Mrs. Conway, Sen. Cotton, Rep. Ellison]
VCCzar 145 [Sen. K. Harris, Sec. Mattis, Sen. Graham, Sen. Franken, Sen. S. Collins]
Sanser 145  [Sen. McCain, Sen. Warren, Sen. Rubio, Sen. Sasse, Sen. Booker]
Calebs 115  [Speaker P. Ryan, Sen. Gillibrand, Ch. of St. Priebus, Sen. Sh. Brown, NSA McMaster]
Middle 110  [Sen. McConnell, Mr. Bannon, Fmr Gen. Flynn, Gov. Cuomo, Rep. T. Ryan]
JViking 100 [Att. Gen. Sessions, Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Murkowski, Sen. Paul, Sen. Durbin]
Conservative 90  [Sec. Mnuchin, Mr. Kushner, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Schumer, Sen. A. King]
Reagan 60  [A. Justice Anthony, Sec. Tillerson, Sec. Price, Sen. Heitkamp, Sen. Duckworth]
For the most part Sunny and Lok have been alternating at first, but Lok's team has been rather quiet for the last few weeks, while VCCzar and Sanser have been on a hot streak. JViking and Conservative's teams have been shockingly quiet as well, but it's still just the end of the 1st quarter. Tillerson is starting to heat up with the Syrian strike, so Reagan could see an elevated score soon. 
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