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2020 UAE scenario is up

Harris/Ernst 2020

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7 hours ago, lok1999 said:

In the context of the scenario, is the 28th amendment about the statehood of Guam and Puerto Rico?

UAE? United Arab Emirates? They only have elections with strictly limited suffrage for a fully-nonpartisan body that's completely advisory to the seven Emirs.

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54 minutes ago, Sanser2016 said:

This scenario is the first in a series and after a certain someone becomes president they declare the country the Ultimate American Empire (UAE), and im hoping to complete these scenarios that will tell this story.

Is that declaration like when Octavian (later Caesar Augustus), Napoleon Bonaparte, and, in fiction, Palpatine, declared an "Empire" out of a "Republic?"

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10 minutes ago, Sanser2016 said:

Yes, and he basically has a hostile takeover.

Ah, that's interesting. My alternate future series, New Dawn, which I believe you were following the original, pre-RL election premise for the initial US 2020 election scenario, is quite comprehensive and very involved, and covers elections in numerous significant nations on Earth (and early Lunar and Martian colonial governments, much later in the cycle), possibly till the turn of the 22nd Century, which, by necessity, after a certain point have all fictional candidates, but I do look forward to seeing your take on alternate future projects too.

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