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i quite liked them, just some of the time they struck me as a bit quick

plus, my bad, but I snagged most of the close elections b4 you started making them leaving a lot of rather dullish and runaway elections available - just when the scenerio creation thing first started, I was one of the first, if not the first, to start making them

maybe revist some of them and add in 1.15 features, jazz up the issue images some (i know mine aren't art or anything, I try to pick a color scheme for each scenerio stick w/ it)

i don't know, been awhile since I played any

its tough to make these things, as I'm sure you know.

well done all around

loved the pre-crash one

(i tend to delete scenerios after I've played them out, I'll download some again and give them a new look)

cheers! Kieron - it's people like you that keep making this game fun to play!!!!

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I noticed my name came up in the who makes the best scenarios thread. Any suggestions on how I can make them better then please let me know!

Well done Kieron, I enjoy your historical sceanrios (and Johnny's :) ) quite a bit. If you go bak and make some of them in 1.15 version mode and alter some of the errors they can be updated. Overall they are quite enjoyable and I appreciate the hard work you put into them. Were you thinking of doing some of the historical scenarios that have not been done yet? :huh:

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