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New Dawn Alternate Future Scenario Package Take 3


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Although my current focus is, for the time being, my Yugoslavian collection of scenarios, and possibly my also mentioned Turkish November 2014 Parliamentary election, and I had originally started the second take of this electoral collection, with a vision for where it goes in a long-term story arc, when it seemed certain Clinton was going to win (the first take was done in 2011 for a 2016 scenario to start by P4E2008 that had a REALLY wonky pool of candidates by the standards of we actually saw by 2016), this take will account for actual events thus far. I'm sure you've all read my narrative about the one I'd started a few months ago, which was at the link below. Unlike @vcczar's or @ThePotatoWalrus's projects (at least regarding a 2020 US Presidential Election), but more in line with my first two takes on this topic, the timeline of scenarios planned to proceed therefrom, this scenario is not meant as a prediction, or even as the MOST likely turn of events (although not meant to be over the top unrealistic, such as an alien invasion, an AI gaining sentience and creating an army of robots to enslave, harvest, or wipe out humanity, a zombie apocalypse, or a group of evil wizards centred on a demagogue Dark Lord in the UK who seek to bring all non-spellcasting people to heel through overt magical pyrotechnics, horrific monsters, and mind-control, or any other such thing), but this alternate future timeline is meant, in a broad sense to proceed to a general plot point, but with wiggle-room. So, given the previous view and storyline given for earlier US Presidential scenario ideal is now effectively obsolete, does anyone, especially the several ones who specifically mentioned enjoying the original narrative, have some good ideas for how to adjust and alter it to better fit with the new set of affairs. For easy reference, the previous thread, with the former storyline, is linked below.



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@vcczar @SeanFKennedy @Sanser2016 @jnewt @Jaster @Condawg @jvikings1 @TGLS and all others still interested.

Here we go.

After surviving a heart attack and having several health scares, the bombastic, unorthodox, and, at times, vitriolic President Donald Trump has decided not to run for re-election to the health-taxing office, of which he has been the oldest person entering for the first time to date, he has held since 2017. This has split the upcoming Republican primaries into three general camps, none totally in the footsteps of the outgoing Trump - the Christian social conservative wing led by Senators Ted Cruz and John Thune and Vice President Mike Pence, the neo-libertarian camp led by Senators Rand Paul, Joni Ernst, and Jeff Flake and Governor Scott Walker (or, alternatively, Speaker Paul Ryan, but likely not both Wisconsin politicians), and the establishment neo-conservative wing led by Senators Marco Rubio and Tim Scott, Governor Nikki Haley, former Governor Jeb Bush, and businessman and the outgoing President's eldest son, Donald Trump, jr., as well as a fourth, and much smaller wing, given a degree of 'legitimacy' during the Trump Presidency - that being the so-called 'alt-right,' represented by White House advisor Steve Bannon. The Democrats too are divided after losing what they feel should have been a shoe-in election (and many still feeling that either Russian hacking or an outdated Electoral College is actually what robbed them of their victory), and thus are divided into a more 'social democratic' wing intent on carrying on Bernie Sanders ideals and ones similar to it led by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Senators Sherrod Brown, Maria Cantwell, Chris Murphy, and possibly Elizabeth Warren (off-by-default due to age), the establishment wing represented by Governor Andrew Cuomo, Former Secretary of State and former Presidential candidate John Kerry (and possibly, also matching those two descriptions, Hillary Clinton as off-by-default), and Senators Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal, and possibly a remnant moderate-conservative wing with one of Tim Kaine, Jim Webb, or Bill Nelson. Also, an off-by-default threat to run for either party or as an Independent by either/or Mark Cuban and Kanye West. The fictitious Restoration Party under Arthur Green as a major Third Party (and a major part of the overarching alternate future storyline) is also reprised. Small real parties will also appear. Among the issues going into this election in this alternate future is the threat of California secession, as, by this time, a non-binding referendum help in the state shows a bare majority in favour of the project in light of Trump's administration. More events and information to come. Any comments, advice, or constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Of course I am also interested. :) Very interesting setting.

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@vcczar @SeanFKennedy @Sanser2016 @jnewt @Jaster @Condawg @jvikings1 @TGLS


Current issues (subject to addition or change) are:

-Economy (which is tanking again due to multiple factors, several beyond the Trump administration's control)

-Definition of Rights (the crystallization of the last two decades of social issues in the US between social liberals, conservatives, and pure libertarians coming down to clarifying and defining the Bill of Rights and myriad Supreme Court rulings)

-Principles of Policing (support for police forces vs. demand for accountability and restraint on uses of forces, especially against minority communities)

-Immigration (largely from predominantly-Islamic countries and Mexico, but also including others

TPP (supporting the withdrawl, rejoining, renegotiating, even proposing to expand it's mandate in scope)


-North Korea


-ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups



-Nominal Allies in the Islamic World (Turkey, the Persian Gulf monarchies, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, the FSA and Kurdish militias, and the "official" governments of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia (which struggle to maintain control of their own territory)

-The EU (which is starting to unravel at this juncture in the timeline, a source of the global economic hardships beyond the Trump administration's control)


-Post-Trump America (as said above, Trump is not running for re-election in this timeline for health reasons, and none of his potential Republican successors stands to fully fill his shoes and style of governance at all)

-The Internet (a quagmire issue)

-The Media

-California Non-Binding Independence Referendum Results

-Cuba (strategists in Trump's advisory circles have suggested the time is right for a pre-emptive coup given a seeming weak ebb in the Communist government on the island, but Trump has pursued other priorities and procrastinated on this, and, not only will the choice be up to the next President, a media outlet has leaked the proposed plan, bringing it into public debate.

-The CIA (we know how much Trump loves them)

Any other suggestions, or any constructive criticism, are fully welcome.

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