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France 2002 : version 3

What mark would you give that scenario ?  

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  1. 1. What mark would you give that scenario ?

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I ran as Le Pen and only got 19 EV and 22% of the vote. Jospin got 105 EV and Chirac got 77 EV. It was alot of fun! :) I had no troubles with the gameplay just the flags need to be cahnged and the advertisements do not have the complete profile. Great scenario Phil! I can't wait for the update! B)

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Here are the articles :




as for the scenario, the latest version at this date is the one of the link here

in your version how many candidates are available in the Left and Right parties ? and for how many electoral votes count Ile de France (Paris) for example ?

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Chirac and Jospin's strength surprised me. They are quite formidable opponents! I was curious about the issues - are they refective of the current French political landscape? I have played as Le Pen, he seems to share my views on alot of issues - why is his integrity so low? I do plan to try campaigning as alternate candidates in the next few days if time permits. I have learned much about French politics playing your scenario. :)

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I think I will have to modify the candidates attributes ;) but in fact Le Pen's integrity is so low because of his very very bad image, and the one of his party

to know more : http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/04/22/lepen.profile

in fact Le Pen is really the devil in French politics (with very good reasons), because of his open racism, his remarks on the Holocaust, his extremism which really doesn't stick to French society, and his similarities with Hitler... in a country which has known Vichy it is really not what we want

given that, would you have an idea to make that particulary feeling of repulsion for Le Pen activated in the case of a fight between Chirac and Le Pen (like in 2002), where the huge majority of the voters (80%, not 65) would vote Chirac to block Le Pen's way to Elysée ? a kind of combinaision which would assure him his (sadly too high) electoral base of about 20% but no more ?

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I don't want to enter the debate but it is clear that, of the 3 "Axis of Evil" countries, Iraq was by far the least dangerous, completely ruined and disarmed after the Gulf War 1 and the terrible embargo

but I really believe that Iran and above all North Korea are REALLY dangerous and need particular attention

as I said many times on my forum, I'm not always anti-Bush

I did fully support him in his Afghanistan war and war against terrorism, and I

would have still if he had concentrated all his forces on that, but Iraq was a fatal error, which opened a Pandorra box and did not destroy terrorism but created it where it was maybe not, in Iraq and all the world

Saddam was horrible yes ! he was to be eliminated (politically or physically) YES ! but certainly not like that, I think Bush father should have finished the job in 91, even without the UN, it would have prevented that horrible embargo which killed millions of innocents

if not Bush father, I think Bush son should have assured a back of the UN, so that the was did not appear as an invasion by the US of Iraq, and with all the very controversial petroleum affairs (Halliburton, Ben Laden & Bush...)

sorry for my english but I hope to have been understandable ?

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