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A little personal story about Donald Trump


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As a Brit, I did not become familiar with Donald Trump until around 2009. How did I become familiar? I downloaded an expanded 2000 scenario for President Forever 2008. It included more candidates and parties than the official one. I scrolled through the various parties and candidates and got to the Reform Party. One of their candidates was a stern-looking guy with interesting hair, although his picture was a bit fuzzy as I recall. His name was Donald Trump. His set positions on the issues weren't too offensive. He had a charisma rating of 2. 

So yeah. I first heard of the President-elect of the United States via this website and whoever created that scenario. Sadly it doesn't seem to be on the scenarios page - it was likely uploaded to one of those download sites that's long gone. 

Just thought I'd share that with y'all. :) 

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