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7 hours ago, CalebsParadox said:

1. Grover Cleveland

2. This does not take into account all of the president's that did not win reelection. Who says his popular vote percentage will go up instead of down?

(Note: While I did not prefer the results, I will keep an open mind to President Trump and hope that he can fulfill bipartisan policy for all Americans. As unlikely as it may be, perhaps he could be a great President. I will reserve my judgement.)

Yes, if you include those who failed to get re-elected, Taft, Hoover, Carter, and Bush, sr. were really hammered...

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1. I should have said since all 50 states were admitted. Or at least since the turn of the century. And I think we can assume Grover Cleveland would have won a higher share of the vote if not for a third party candidate. 

2. By definition, reelection means they were reelected. The point I was making it's hard to be less popular than you were four years ago and win again. Ie. Obama pulled off a miracle in '12.

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On 11/11/2016 at 1:50 AM, VanMav said:

President Obama was the first president to be reelected with a lower share of the vote than when he was first elected. The incumbency advantage has just proved too much, usually.

If you are talking about %, then Andrew Jackson was the first. I wrote an article in the Huffington Post about this. Cleveland and FDR also had a drop in %, but their situations weren't very normal. (non-consecutive term and 3rd and 4th terms)

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