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Lebanon County PA is not reporting because of voting machines showing Trump votes as Hillary ones, Trump should receive 65% of vote and this might, once straightened out, give Trump PA.

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9 minutes ago, CalebsParadox said:

A stunning victory. Good job to all the Republicans on the forum who kept faith. 

Being a Progressive,and saying Trump would win since his announcement,and being called crazy and it being impossible. Thank you :)

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3 minutes ago, Reagan04 said:

Greitens (R) wins MO Gov. race, flipping it to the GOP.


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Sincerely; even Bush with his war in Irak would have spread a less bad image of the USA.

I think there will be a parody of the "middle American" in the rest of the NATO...

It is absolutely not against you at all, but the opinion of medias in the allies of the USA are like amazed by what there is going.

The angryness of the American people against the system is legitimate...but oh god.

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Trump will be probably one of the most powerful president of these last decades.

Republican are controlling the legislative, the executive and thanks to both, the juridical power as there is a judge to appoint in the supreme court and that it pass by the Congress.

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