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What scenario should I work on?  

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  1. 1. What scenario should I work on?

    • 2008 Republican Iowa Caucas
    • 2008 Green Iowa Caucas
    • Pennsylvania 2006: Swann vs. Rendell
    • Minnesota 1998
    • Hawaii 2006: Lingle vs. Case
    • Texas Republican Primary 2006: Hutchinson vs. Perry
    • New York City: Post 9/11
    • New York City: Pre 9/11
    • Washington 2004: Gregoire vs. Rossi
    • Other (State below)

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I just sent in Iowa Caucas 2004 and 2008 Democratic Iowa Caucas. What next?

Others include:

Microsoft President

Reform Party Nomination 2000

2008: Socialist Rebirth

Illinois 2004: Keyes vs. Obama

Board Election: Keyes 2008 vs. Vegeta vs. HRC

Breaking News: Brokaw vs. Rather vs. Jennings vs. Leher

Are You Listening (Six Part Series): Franken vs. Limbaugh vs. O'Reilly vs. Nolan

Moore Trouble: Alabama 2006

Louisiana 1992 Primary: Buchanan vs. Bush vs. Duke

San Diego 2004

NRA President

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The Illinois Senate one could be interesting if you include Jack Ryan and Jim Oberweis as GOP possibilities instead of Keyes.

Of course, if you wanted to include Blair Hull and (I'm blanking on the other guy's name) that were up for the Democratic nomination, that would be cool too.

the next Illinois Gubernatorial race should be interesting as well.

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