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Question about polling


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So how do polls work with respect to date?  I thought I read that if you start a campaign within 30 days of a polling date, those polls apply to your campaign, but what about polls afterward?  For example, if there's a poll dated July 15, and one August 31, yet I start my campaign on August 1, then does this include the 7/15 polls?  What happens on 8/31, do those polls then take effect and factor into the percentages on the map?  Or are polls only used to start the campaign.

Also, what is the difference between polls and region percentages, so far as their effect on the voting numbers?



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Actually I just experimented with this and found something interesting.  I started a campaign with no other G.E. polls, and I set an October 27 poll for 100% Libertarian.  Even though I started the campaign on August 10, the map is still completely yellow!  So somehow it's looking 2.5 months into the future?

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