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Releasing the Personal Scenario!


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Hello everybody! I'm announcing the Election 2016 scenario that I created. Once I get my polling errors fixed, I will officially release it publicly! (I wanted to do this before Nov. 8th)

It's not technically complete, which is why I will be updating it every day, even past November.

Lemme know what y'all think!
(Tagging the most generally active people, and shoutout to mah boi Reagan, who helped with this a little bit)

@Reagan04 @vcczar @Patine @CalebsParadox @TheMiddlePolitical @Jonathan Kudelka @Sanser2016 @victor1313 @jvikings1 @SeanFKennedy @jnewt @Conservative Elector 2 @Sunnymentoaddict @Dallas @SiorafasNaCillini

If you have any ideas, or want to help at all, lemme know!


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