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Could the Republican Party Collapse Poll


Could the Republican Party Collapse?   

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  1. 1. Could the Republican Party Collapse?

  2. 2. If the party collapses...

    • it will be rebuilt along a similar platform.
    • it will merge with the Libertarian Party, becoming more Libertarian, but in favor of a little more active government than pure Libertarians
    • it will split into two parties -- a moderate and a conservative party -- which will allow Democrats to have a virtual one-party dominance for an election or so.
    • many will join the Democratic party, pulling that party to the center, while the remaining conservatives will make a new party, or join the Libertarians.
    • The party will not collapse, but it will have to regroup and reform.
    • The party will not collapse, and it will stay about the same as it is now.
  3. 3. If the Republican Party fragments...

    • I will encourage the party to merge with the Libertarians
    • I will encourage the party to become more moderate
    • I will encourage the party to become even more conservative, forming a new party of conservatives only, if necessary.
    • I will encourage Republicans to join the Democratic party and try to change that more stable party from within.
    • I am not a Republican voter, so this question doesn't apply to me.

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I think the party has pretty much collapsed already, and they are just trying to salvage everything they can.

I think that the Republican party could potentially spit into a more moderate republican party, and the Tea Party could become an actual party, not just a failed political movement.

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