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World Map Error

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"bad number of blocks for this region in txt file" and "'Democracy' is not a valid integer value"

I have no idea how to fix them and Sven does not have p4e to test it out to see if it works

Someone please

I'll send the prototype Cold War Scenerio to you


we've come to far to be screwed by bugs


thank you

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I think I have solved this problem, despite not even owning P4E.

The problem is that we have regions in the game with more than 5 parts on the map, namely Canada, Carribean, Indonesia, Philippines, and Scandinavia.

So I've produced a new map, with only 5 for each of them. It's required some "creative" mapmaking, but I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

I'm gonna send off a new regional_variables file and map to Johnny. Although really all you need to change is those five regional files I've listed above, but it's up to him whether he completely redoes the regional variables file or just changes those five regions.

Anyway, I think that explains the error, namely there was an irregular number of lines within the region_variables files, and that they were trying to read the word "Democracy" as a number, because they were out of order.

PS. I discovered this whilst trying to solve another problem in the Global Senate game which still hasn't been solved. Grr!

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Yeah, I'm having that problem with my 2005 world scenario too. I don't understand it, but it doesn't affect the game's playability, so I'l keep working and if it's still not fixed at the end then I'll worry about it.

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I'm fairly certain that problem is caused by having more than 5 sections for a region on the map. You can only have it divided into five parts. Any more than that and the whole region variables file gets thrown out of whack.

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The limit in the current President Forever / PM Forever engines is 5 distinct geographical areas for any given region (state, province, and so on).

The region_variables file has to have 5 x,y coordinate pairs listed for each region, with 'none' put instead of coordinates if there are less than 5 distinct geographical areas.

Anthony Burgoyne


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