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You can't change the "for America" stuff, because that's hard-coded. And negative or weird polling is a problem that Simon can probably help with more than I could... Although it does happen for me when I build scenarios, usually it's because of local numbers conflicting sharply with national numbers in the soft-coding.

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hey habsfan, how's u get that love symbol on your title?

Fascist ? Freedom (Minalist) Natalist (break up the united earth) Imperalist (strongal favor the domation of powerful contries) Pan-Africa and Pan-Asiain (power power to those regions) Ingonuos R

Sent me one  

These scenarios are coming along very nicely. I have now finished the Electorate Trends, and am currently working on Regional Centers, so I thought I might post a teaser of the game screen for the Presidential scenario.

Bear in mind that the candidates are obviously still wrong. I don't plan on including any Canadians as Presidential candidates. If someone wants to actually make them, including everything except the photo, then I'll put them in.


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Erm. Can I suggest that maybe, just maybe, we don't go overkill on candidates?

One candidate per party is just plain lazy.

Three candidates per party is better.

Five candidates per party is good.

Ten candidates per party is overdoing it a bit.

Six thousand four hundred and twenty-eight candidates is absurd.

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I've cut out a few candidates, but it will still be something like 10 per party, with slightly less for the Islamist party.

Johnny, send me the Cold War scenario to b.raue@mail.com and I'll try and have a go at it. I found some flaws in the map which I have had to fix.

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Hello everyone,

Sorry this has been left for so long, it's still in the pipelines, I've been a bit busy running for parliament and all (there was a by-election when Latham quit) so I've had to put it off. But I hope to get it done still.

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With the release of PMFUK, I'm gonna be updating the number of parties in the Senate and HoR spinoffs. This isn't a high priority, as I'm concentrating on the four-player President scenario for now, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with party logos for the new parties, plus ideas for party colours.

a) What are the 16 colours in the new game? I haven't got it yet.

The parties we have so far are:




-Social Democrat

So I thought we could add:





So if people could give advice on what party colours should be used, and also maybe any extra parties, plus party logos and party leaders.

Some of the existing party leaders could shift to different parties, eg. Vajpayee from Conservative to Hindu, Hu Jintao from Conservative to Communist, Joschka Fischer from Social Democrat to Green, etc.

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I hope to have a simple version of World President finished within 24 hours, with only 5 candidates for the four parties, and then I'll work on adding more candidates. The five I will have are John Howard (Con-Aus), Jose Zapatero (SD-Spain), Abu Bakar Bashir (Isl-Indonesia), Mahathir Mohamad (Isl-Malay) and Kofi Annan (Lib-Ghana).

So this is my comprehensive list of candidates I plan to make. I need extras for Social Democrats, Christian, Communist and Greens.


President George W. Bush - US

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi - Italy

President Vladimir Putin - Russia

Prime Minister John Howard - Australia

President Pervez Musharraf - Pakistan

President Hamid Karzai - Afghanistan

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - Israel

Megawati Sukarnoputri - Indonesia

Atal Behari Vajpayee - India


Prime Minister Tony Blair - UK

President Jacques Chirac - France

President Bill Clinton - US

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - Indonesia

President Viktor Yushchenko - Ukraine

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh - India

Sonia Gandhi - India

President Thabo Mbeki - South Africa

President Mahmoud Abbas - Palestine

Senator John Kerry - US

Secretary-General Kofi Annan - Ghana

Social Democrat

Jose Zapatero - Spain

Luiz Lula de Silva - Brazil

Hugo Chavez - Venezuela

Gerhard Schroeder - Germany

Xanana Gusmao - East Timor


Abdullah al-Hussein - Jordan

Muammar al-Qaddafi - Libya

Ali Khamenei - Iran

Osama bin Laden - Saudi Arabia

Abdullah al-Saud - Saudi Arabia

Khaled Mashal - Syria

Abu Bakar Bashir - Indonesia

Mahathir Mohamad - Malaysia

Hosni Mubarak - Egypt


President Hu Jintao - China

Fidel Castro - Cuba

Kim Jong-Il - North Korea


Joschka Fischer - Germany

Daniel Cohn-Bendit - Europe

Ralph Nader - USA

Bob Brown - Australia


New Pope - Vatican

Jerry Falwell - USA

So if you want a copy of the stripped-down version (still a lot of fun to play with), post your email address here and I'll send it when it's ready.

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Fascist ?

Freedom (Minalist)

Natalist (break up the united earth)

Imperalist (strongal favor the domation of powerful contries)

Pan-Africa and Pan-Asiain (power power to those regions)

Ingonuos Rights

Maoist (as opescted to Marxist lenism)

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