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How to keep momentum up in early primaries?

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I just started playing yesterday, hasn't been going great so far. Having loads of fun, but I'm a little confused on where I'm going wrong.


Does focusing too hard on early states screw you over? I was just running a campaign as Trump, hitting the early states early and hard, soared in the polls. Kept the attention on them and spread it out a bit as time went on, focused on Florida, Texas, held events in tons of states. But as the first primaries grew closer, I absolutely tanked in the early states. They couldn't stand me. I went from around 30% in Iowa to 7%, and I couldn't figure out how to turn it around -- any events there would fail, advertising didn't seem to have much effect (either pro-me or anti-Bush, who was leading in the state). Did I just hit them too hard and they lost interest, or am I missing something else entirely?


Also, ground game. How much is too much? How many states can I target before it stops being effective?

EDIT: Also, another primaries question -- after a state's primaries pass, should I un-target those states, or keep them targeted to try and carry momentum into the general?

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My suggestion is to target the early states.  And make state-specific ads every week.  Except for the early states, the primaries are easy.  So one option is to just ignore them.  But if you have as a goal to win all the primary states or something, you need to fight hard for them.  Most importantly, run state-specific ads every week. Typically it takes 3 to 5 just to keep you above water.  if you want to win like Iowa as Trump, it is easiest to run 3 to 5 ads every week for that state until about 10 weeks before the primary.   Visit it every week also.  Then, 10 weeks before, up your ads to about double.  all these are positive ads.  Meanwhile, Add 4 to 6 negative ads for everyone ahead of you.   usually works.


What makes the early states so hard is that the AI focuses on them. You can only campaign in a state about once a week or so before it starts becoming less effective.  So, ads are really the best way.  And, of course have 6 organization and 5 foot soldiers. 


If you get really far behind in Iowa or NH, you can come back with 5 or 6 weeks.  Just like run 3 ads for almost every issue a week, and meanwhile run 5-6 negative ads against everyone ahead of you.  If you target the state, and do state-specific ads, it helps.

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Oh man, so many ads! 5-6 ads per person that's ahead of you? That's gonna take a while haha. Is there some way to make it so that state-specific ads can be re-run? Going through and deleting/re-making ads for each state takes a decent chunk of time. I've noticed you can re-run national ad campaigns, but state-specific ads always say they've hit their limit or whatever after one week.

Good to know that campaigning more than once a week in a state has diminishing returns. So far, I tend to do one or two rallies per week in each state I'm targeting, as well as a few barnstorming events. 

Thanks for the help!

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