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What's your best PM forever results?

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I got 142 as the Libs and 136 as the Cons. I can usually get a minority but can't for the life of me figure out how to get a majority government. Any advice?

Also, I did one game for fun where I was the Libs and spent the entire campaign in Alberta. I managed to win all 28 seats for the Liberals and took a minority with 124 seats over-all.

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I've gotten 160 as the Conservatives. This can be done, mainly through doing a handful of things:

1) Advertise as early as you can, to snag the undecideds.

2) Advertise everywhere but Quebec, NW Terr., and Nunavut. Quebec is so far down it's not even worth advertising in, and it's also a cash drain. NW Terr. and Nunavut are both single-seat provinces and far enough down as not to merit advertising.

3) Campaign hard in Ontario, but target ridings in BC and the Maritimes as well.

4) As the scenario goes on, pull the resources out of solid ridings in BC and the prairie provinces and put them into Ontario (and perhaps the Maritimes).

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