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What's your best PM forever results?

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My best:

Conservatives 126

Liberals 94

NDP 26

Bloc 61

I got a landslide in the Maritimes, and BC, and almost won a seat in Québec. The NDP won a seat in Alberta in that game! :D

As the Bloc I won every seat except Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel. I was projected to lose Mount Royal also, but ended up winning it.

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I just got the game last nite and played for the first time.

despite making some rookie mistakes as I was learning the game I won

125 seats as the Conservative Party.

(Ontario was split down the middle even though my polls going in said I was ahead in 65%. lot of close races)

Public Health was the key issue that seemed to carry the day (it was +6 in almost every area).

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The best I've done in Ontario as the Conservative Party (with Harper as leader both times) is 67 seats out of 106. Has anyone as the Conservatives done better than that in Ontario, and if so, how many total seats nationwide did you as the Conservatives win? What particular ridings did you target, and how did you break it down? Did you start the game with an overall strategy for Ontario, or did you just wing it day by day and week by week and target and re-target according to the latest projections?

By the way, has anyone tried playing the Conservatives with another leader - Belinda Stronach, Tony Clement, Stockwell Day? :o I played as Stronach once and got my hat handed to me, but I was still relatively new to the game.

Keith A. Layton

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I played a quick game tonite as the NDP (Layton).

to show how quickly I was going, I didn't use any ads or go back and change my targets (or help recruit foot soldiers). However, I did have the Barenaked Ladies crusading for me all over. :-)

the final tally was

Liberal - Conservative - NDP - Bloc

90 seats 107 seats 45 seats 66 seats

31% 30% 24% 13%

Ontario was really carved up.

Libs took 48 seats, Cons took 30, and my NDP scored 28

NDP actually won the popular vote by about 3,000 votes (35.3%)

I won Yukon, and NWT. couple seats each in New Brunswick, Nova sc., and Sask.

and the rest came from Manitoba and B.C. (4 & 6)

Got whitewashed in Alberta (but came darn close in Edmonton - maybe next time. maybe I should stay away altogether and try to get some votes elsewhere)

At first, I was disappointed at only getting 45 seats (lost several close races). But got a score of 45 (Tricky) which was almost as good as the 56 I got for winning.

so maybe not too bad

(no where near the 199 mentioned below, but I'm learning the nuances of the game and the political structure. next time I can try to fire up some negative ads. :ph34r: )

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111 as NDP, forming a minority government. I've managed this and similar results with a combo of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Ontario, and deferring the kitchen sink to BC. Also, you just have to get both lucky and vindictive with both Liberal and Conservative getting dragged down by scandals left, right, and center.

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I just finished with 69 seats in Ontario for the Conservatives. Overall, I got 142 seats (didnt do as well in Sask. as I usually do).

I don't recall which specific Ridings I targeted (but I have to devise a better plan there anyway. I just started hitting 25 close races - and forgot to change any until late in the game. Does targeting fewer and helping recruit foot soldiers work better?? Also, how close a race makes it worth targeting?)

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the only time I've truly been frustrated was playing as the Liberals. Things go down hill fast and then only get worse. (usually get hammered from all sides by scandals)

This seems to be accurately-entered frontrunner syndrome. Think Howard Dean. He was in front, so he became the target. Same thing happens in a lot of games I play in President Forever...I take an early lead, and have to slog through to pull the election out in the end.

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Recently got 141 seats as the Conservative Party, winning 76 seats in Ontario. Martin got hit with a big scandal that I was able to spin successfully, and I only made a few gaffes toward the end (probably because Harper's energy level was under 50). I think one really needs to know the regions of the major provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia to know where to target and where to concentrate barnstorming visits of your candidate.

Here's a few tips I have if you running as Stephen Harper:

Don't even bother with Quebec, you'll just waste time. Let the Bloc and the Liberals fight it out there.

Don't forget to target ridings in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Don't spend too much time in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The lose of 2-4 seats in Alberta is worth the extra 40-60 seats in Ontario.

Don't forget about British Columbia, but don't concentrate on it too much. If Harper breaks 20-25 seats there that should be sufficient if you do well in Ontario. Let the NDP do your dirty work for you by winning seats from the Liberals.

Three words: Ontario, Ontario, Ontario.

Keith A. Layton

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I just cleaned up as the Conservatives in the standard Canada 2004 scenario.

The result was as follows:

Conservatives: 184 (including a bunch in Quebec!)

Bloc: 56

Liberals: 55

NDP: 13

I won every province except for Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia and the 3 territories. It was a near Conservative sweep of Ontario.

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Dude, it is most definitely NOT impossible to win a majority as the Liberals. I just did it. I got 177 seats as the Liberals, including 105 seats in Ontario. I'm not joking. Even got a majority of the seats in Manitoba, BC, and the Maritimes. Seriously, when I saw my Ontario results, I about shit a brick. I did it mostly through a combination of a lucky draw, campaigning almost exclusively in Ontario, spent a ton of money on ads against Harper and campaigned on every single turn. By the end, Martin was literally dead (no heart points whatsoever). But, hey, I got a substantial majority. Also, I played it in PMF-Aus, but that shouldn't make any difference.

Anyway, don't give up. It can be done

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