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Government Idealogy Poll

This question will be one of the issues in the scenario I'm creating with the 16 regular forum voters. Select the answer closest to your own view. Please leave comments, criticism, etc. below.   

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  1. 1. Which best reflects your government ideology?

    • Far-Left - Erase state borders; expand government in everyone's life for the welfare and security of the citizenry and the country.
    • Left - Government is an activist for the Will of the People, and to ensure a fair playing field for all, and to deter government control by the wealthiest Americans.
    • Center-Left - Government must be involved as it can to maintain a quality of life for the middle class at home. But the States must be allowed some variety and influence in this.
    • Center - More government is okay when it is efficient. Otherwise, I'm in favor of cutting some government. No experimentation.
    • Center-right - Government in some areas is acceptable to make up for the very few faults in our system. Government should be reduced in most areas and give way to the desires of the states.
    • Right - Locals should have the rights to decide how government works for them. As such, I prefer leaving nearly everything to the states. Government help only by request from the states.
    • Far-Right - The states should be nearly sovereign entities, if not completely sovereign. Hardcore States Rights. I even often sympathize with our Confederate ancestors.

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17 hours ago, Patine said:

I will be perfectly frank. Though usually leaning socially liberal, I think the PC ideal has failed miserably, however. It's become a laughing stock, and the butt of many jokes, a fair number even made by social centrists and even liberals. However, I have listened to right-wing media as well. But I usually find it just leads to my intelligence being insulted by blatant lies, generalizations, manipulations of facts and statistics spun beyond recognition, and even harping on long-debunked ideas. So, forgive me if I DON'T agree with "things suddenly making sense and converting me" like you claim such claptrap does.

Both sides have people who do that.  Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth is a big example of false stats and lies. Then, there are websites like salon who do that.  The right wing has some programs that are truthful as does the left wing.  Brett Bair, on Fox News, leans right but is very fair with his coverage.

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On 9/9/2016 at 3:36 PM, servo75 said:

Well my first POTUS vote was in 1996 (I won't name the candidate), though I was old enough to vote in 1994.

First GOP vote was in 2009 (Chris Christie) :P

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3 minutes ago, servo75 said:

First GOP vote was in 2009 (Chris Christie) :P

Chris Christie was my favourite Republican Governor of late. He wasn't strictly dominated by ideology to the point of having his state suffer unnecassarily or being utterly inflexible, but he did let his point of view be known, especially fiscally, and wrangled strongly with the Democratic-dominated legislature on the budgets. And, he took Boehner to task quite publically for how he so callously dismissed the need for ANY federal aid the wake of Hurricane Sandy. And, he lingered in his home state when that hurricane was coming longer than modern US governors would to make sure he'd done all he could before evacuating himself. I don't really know the details of this bridge scandal that seems to be hurting his integrity, so I can't really comment there.

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1 hour ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

Chris Christie? Definitely wouldn't expect that!

Why not?  I know what they say about him being an establishment RINO but I've seen him in action.

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