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Scenario development skills

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I thought about creating a new thread about scenario development skills. Everyone who's interested is welcome to write down what he likes about creating a new scenario and what not. So we could find all the experts needed for creating a scenario faster and with bigger passion. ;) 

Skills I can offer:

  • Searching for candidates photos and cut them out
  • Creating new candidates and running mates in the game e.g. writing candidates bios etc.
  • Creating new maps and importing them
  • Creating new regions and adjust coordinates
  • Adjusting region %s and dates according to Wikipedia

What I am no expert on:

  • Creating events
  • Adjusting endorsers and surrogates
  • Creating polls and interviewers
  • Developing ideas for new issues

What are your preferred fields of working here? :)

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1 hour ago, victor1313 said:

hi i creating polls and events... whats maps your create i like map if you create maps of other countrys

i need talk with anyone to help with creations of scenarios i have ideas of poland,ukraine,texas(almost done)

I can watch out for a map of Poland and create one. Texas could be difficult (maaaany counties) - I'd postpone this at first. For Ukraine I could do one too, but wasn't there a Ukraine scenario some time ago? @Patine Any information about my guess? :)

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Okay that's cool. I will create the Poland map asap. :)

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41 minutes ago, Reagan04 said:

I can work with a lot of policy/race, eg. Issues, bios, events, interviewers, and polls. I am not good at most of the technical stuff likes creating maps etc. I also can edit photos but I often can't find high-quality ones. Honestly @Conservative Elector 2 your set of "weaknesses" is really unfair to you because you are Austrian and obviously don't have as much exposure to American politics, media, and events as someone obsessed with politics and lives at the source (1h 30m from D.C.)

Good to know your strengths. :P

Yeah media coverage here about US politics is not really great. ^^ Most information I know is from online research work. For example I wouldn't know any Senators or Governors without doing so much online research work. Too bad, they are all not even mentioned here. I guess you have to work hard for your interests and I just love it. :D

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3 hours ago, Conservative Elector 2 said:

Okay that's cool. I will create the Poland map asap. :)

good in my poland map i only need maps, i have sweden done too but without maps too... i have plans with others countrys and eras the poland are complete just i need check endorses,media and map

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4 hours ago, Patine said:

I have both a Ukraine and Texas map (and actually planned some Ukraine scenarios, both Presidential and Verkovna Rada) at some point in the future. I do NOT, however, have a Poland one.

i have scenario of ukraine... in ''beta'' have all states and 3 candidates you like download to continue?

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Which election, specifically? And, if it was 2014, did you include (or exclude, as would be historically appropriate, de facto, at least) the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Special Status City of Sevastopol, Donetsk Oblast, and Luhansk Oblast?

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  • 3 months later...

I have a map of California that I believe you posted on the scenario boards with one of your map packs. Anyway, I can create the scenario and such, but I am terrible of plotting the counties onto the map and making it work. Do you think you could help me out, I would then be able to create a California gubernatorial scenario for 2018 or one for California Senate 2016 if folks wanted an uphill battle.


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I am capable of doing anything in scenario creation, except map creation and implementing that map in a scenario. 

Now, while I saw capable, I will say that there is a lot that I won't eagerly do, unless I'm creating my own scenario.

What I don't like doing: 

I find inputting population numbers, primary dates, convention dates, monetary values or budgets, to be a huge bore.

What I like doing: 

In short, I am most eager to create candidates and set their values, regions and relations. I'm also willing to make endorsers, surrogates, issues, and stances on the issues. I can also do events. 

You can help me if:

When making my scenarios, I am most likely to accept help on any of these areas that I'm least interested. 

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