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1940: The Brink of War


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I’ve released a modernized version of my old President Forever scenario about the 1940 presidential election. This was a very interesting election: if Roosevelt hadn’t run again—and nobody knew if he would—he wouldn’t have had an obvious successor, and the Republicans eventually decided to nominate a businessman with no political experience, Wendell Willkie.

If you played the President Forever version, the biggest changes is that the minor parties are gone (weren’t much fun to play anyway), and there are two new candidates: North Carolina Governor Clyde Hoey for the Democrats and former American Legion President Hanford MacNider for the Republicans.

The delegate counts for each state (and territory!) are accurate based on materials I dug up from the party conventions. There weren’t really any debates, but I added some just to keep things interesting. Each endorser has a blurb.

Maybe someday I’ll get around to a scenario for my second-favorite election, that of 1920.


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