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South Dakota - US House 2010

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Hi my friends! :)

I've created another working South Dakota scenario.


It's the 2010 US House election featuring Stephanie Herseth Sandlin vs. Kristi Noem. You are free to use it for your own South Dakota elections (Governor, Senate, House,...) - As you see, I have kept my promise. ;)


  • Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D)
  • State Rep. Kristi Noem (R)
  • Senator John Thune (R) off
  • Former Senator Tom Daschle (D) off
  • B. Thomas Marking (I)
  • Observation Party
  • Working County map
  • Accurate %s of 2004 - Sadly I was unable to find county results of 2010 yet...
  • Correct county population
  • Correct Debate dates. Independent candidate Marking was surprisingly included, as I saw it on C-SPAN - He is in the game as well.
  • Correct General Election Polls - source from Wikipedia (not sure how that plays out in the General Election game...)

To-do list:

  • Issues
  • Endorsers
  • More potential candidates
  • Surrogates

Have fun, I look forward to your feedback. :)

*Last update: 08/09/2016*

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11 hours ago, Reagan04 said:

I was like "wait what, House races aren't statewide", then I was like "Ohhhh South Dakota, 3 electoral votes":P

Haha :D

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21 hours ago, Reagan04 said:

I don't know why here's a quote box but that's too much gerrymandering lol :D 

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I have a friend who lives in Ashboro, North Carolina. He's quite on the liberal side, but his vote (at least for the US House elections) is always wasted because he's gerrymandered into an electoral district set up to always produce a far-right wing Christian conservative member. There's a good example from acquaintance.

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