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Hi. :)

Just did a campaign today with a custom Progressive Party. I wanna carry over the percentages I was voted for in each state to the next election cycle but am unsure on how to do so. So, some help on how to do that would be useful. Thank you!

Few general notes, Campaign will be starting from the primaries. I am running unopposed in said primaries, and that;s about it!

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This currently something that the community wishes to add to the editor but has  not yet been added, unfortunately.:(

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1 hour ago, gagelange10 said:

Ah so I have to start from 0% again? Darn. :/

I was hoping there would be a way to manually modify the percentages. Oh well, just gotta try harder this time. Thanks for the reply!


Welcome, there are polls that come out each month and if this is what you want most check off "reflective/continuous elections"

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