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Experinced scenario makers help with 1988,1992,1996 scenarios?

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Help would be greatly appreciated from anyone! :)


@Patine @jvikings1 @vcczar @Conservative Elector 2 

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I will be totally handleing

-GE %

-Canidates that officialy ran

-Canidates GE and Primaries bonuses

Help needed for:

-Events (I'd like to have tons)


-"what if they ran" canidates with %

-VP options and there rank for each canidates


-TURNOUT FOR PRIMARIES (this is a major need)

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I can offer you my old P4E2008 1996 scenario files (my very first P4E scenario, and only the second by any TheorySpark I ever did). Even if you don't have the old game, you could directly use the bitmaps and read the .xml files, if you'd like.

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