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Scenario w/ Simpson characters


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I don't know if I'll finish this because I don't have infinite time, but I started making a scenario with characters from the Simpsons. I thought you might find this interesting. 

The leading candidates for office are (only did 4 for each party so far): 

Republicans: Mr. Burns, Homer Simpson, Dr. Hibbert, Ned Flanders

Democrats: Mayor Quimby, Officer Lou, Krusty the Clown, and Sideshow Bob

The map is the US; although, I'd like to create one that looked more like fictional divisions of the fictional Springfield. So it looks like Mayor Quimby is running for reelection. 

Burns has 1 charisma and 1 integrity and maximum corruption, but he's got about 50x more money than everyone else combined and massive campaign power. In my only simulation that I've done so far, he's constantly hit with scandals, but won the nomination soon after Super Tuesday. Office Lou won for the Democrats, only because I forgot to set Mayor Quimby's poll #s. 

When Burns was getting hammered in the primaries, the Democrats had a slight lead in the national polls. When it got down to Burns vs Lou, it wasn't even close. Burns won every state exception for Iowa + DC. 

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That seems interesting since I love The Simpsons. The only thing I question is that you have Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Bob as Democrats. I would have listed them also as Republicans. This list shares my opinion: http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Springfield_Republican_Party The list might also include ideas for you to add, if you have the desire to do so. Here is a list of Simpson Democrats, if you need it: http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Democrats There are actually two pages. :) 

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Hi good Idea  i have my simpsons scenario for pf2008 if you like download to view other politicans   and platforms example:

Republicans:Lindsey Naegle(in 6 temp. appear in democrat party and republican in other temps are just republican)Cookie Kwan(bussines),Rainier Wolfcastle(run for mayor 1 time),    Mr.costington(congressman)

Democrats:mary bailey(governor of north Takoma springfield state), Maxine Lombard ex-wife of Mr.Burns,Adriatica Vel Johnson(democrat jornalist and activist)John Armstrong

Indepedents: Ralph Wiggum(OFF) Run for mayor in one episode ,L. Ron Percent(indepedent Candidate in magazine)

Anarchy : Bart Simpsons                                                    

Springfield 1988 Presidential.rar   


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"Why are my teeth showing like that in that picture?"

"You're smiling, Mr. Burns."

"No honest man could afford to run for Governor."

"I bet you could afford to run for Governor."

Yes, that was a good one. But, did he have a "party" stated in the episode, or was he just a monstrous, wealthy Independent, effectively?

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