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Hello there, new to the forum. I have a question regarding President infinity 2016. Now I don't know if I'm bad at this game or that it is a bug, but I was playing the primaries campaign with Joe Biden (along Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley and Webb). I was second in % (23,3%), an estimate of 1200 seats, and about +2 momentum while all others were in negative momuntem. I do know that there can be a difference between the poll in the right hand corner, and the actual intentions of the voters. I also won the last two debates.

Now when Iowa came I was surprise. I had 9% in the polls, campaigned a bit, had a lvl 2 command centre and lvl 2 footsoldiers. IN the actual primary: 0 votes and 0%. Up to New Hampshire (my worst state, but still about 2%): 0 votes and 0%. Nevada (Second in polls with 20%): Same. South Carolina (35%): again 0 votes and 0%. Then I quit.

Am I doing something terribly wrong? (But even if I am doing something wrong, I don't find it too realistic that after Sanders and Webb drop out, Clinton gets 99,8% in SC, O'Malley 0,2% and Biden 0% en 0 votes for the 4th consequtive time)

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Biden starts as undecided which means that you have to either set him as on before starting or click to declare candidacy once in the scenario.  That is in player info.  Once you declare, you have to get on the ballot in all of the states.

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